Monday Mosaic: Soft


1. Lavender Blue, 2. Lantana, 3. October Hibiscus, 4. Honeycream and Roses, 5. October Buddleia, 6. Marguerite, 7. Autumn, 8. Red, 9. Different... yet the same

Every week I try to post-process and upload 2 photos a day to my Rosehaven Cottage Photography blog (notice I wrote "try"). Then I feature the past week's uploads in a "Monday Mosaic". This past week I think I was in a "soft" mood.
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  1. The autumn leaves are particularly interesting. Fall is often thought of as a bright season so the soft colors of the leaves is captivating.

  2. Beautiful photos. I love the soft mood.

  3. Gosh how ambitious every day.

    I love your mosaic. Soft and vibrant.

  4. Oh you softy you.....

    Those are lovely, and etheral, and delicate. And I think I spelled etheral wrong, twice. Teh he.


  5. Cindy I said that once too, and then slacked off again. Excellent arrangement for nature creations, beautiful. BTW thanks for the names, since I am not really good if comes to flower. Anna :)


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