Thank you

Thank you all for your very important insights and advice in response to yesterday’s post. I feel you all are truly inspired in what you wrote.

I love blogging and being a blogger. I consider it a personal indulgence that's relaxing and fun. But my other hat I wear a great deal of the time is that of being a business owner and the CEO of Rosehaven Cottage Inc. With that comes the business responsibilities that are a lot less fun than blogging. Sometimes, I really need fresh perspectives and insights into what I face in running my business. Although I hesitated posting my business stuff on the blog, there was a part of me down deep inside that knew if I published what I'd been analyzing and thinking through for a couple of months now, that there would be someone out there that would have very helpful and important perspectives to add to my own. And I got far more than I ever could have wished for!

Thank you!

I won't go into too much detail because this blog isn't the place where I discuss business, however, I will say that I am in the process of formulating my business plan forward based on all of your advice, insights and suggestions as well as the ones that have come to me as I've read your words of encouragement and counsel. In one of my own handmade journals (of course), I’m journaling the insights. A huge necessity in running a creative business is a clear and cohesive picture of the path forward and I'm seeing that coming into focus.

Hubby and I are also discussing marketing workflow scenarios as far as what isn't working right now and is simply a waste of my time and energy. There's a pervading marketing practice out there in the land of online artisans that espouses utilizing every social networking tool available to market one's creations. But what I've found is that it doesn't really do much except irritate one's friends; market to those who are trying to sell stuff and not buy; and give poachers a heads-up on what ideas and concepts they can steal from you. My count was up to 7+ venues that I had to update for every single new piece I released! Yikes! That practice is going bye-bye.

And as many of you reminded me, what brings me real joy is sharing my creations with others. Making sales just happens to be a necessary evil that is part of sharing. So, I'm re-evaluating how I can safely offer my creations for free (as well as for sale).

One way is for me to tell you all that you are free to download the photo above and use it as a desktop on your computer. Here's how to do that if you don't already know:
  • Click on the image above to bring up the full-size 11x14 image.
  • Once the full-size image is up on your screen, right-click anywhere on the image.
  • Select "Save image as..." from the pop-up menu that will appear.
  • Save the image wherever you want on your computer with whatever name you wish.
  • If you're on a PC, right click on your current desktop and choose "Properties". Click on the "Desktop" tab. Then click on "Browse" to find the file you just saved on your computer. Select it and you're done.
  • If you're on a Mac, choose Apple menu > System Preferences, and then click Desktop & Screen Saver. Open the Desktop pane of Desktop & Screen Saver preferences. Click Desktop. Choose a folder from the list on the left; then click the image you just downloaded.
  • Voile! You've got a new desktop!
Thank you all again! You are wonderful!
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  1. Beautiful sunflower Cindy...I love the detail!

  2. Hia Cindy, I'm glad you got the advice you were looking for as well as having a way of sharing your worries.

    The sunflower is beautiful.

  3. Cindy~
    Good luck with your endeavors! You know you've made some online friends out here, and we appreciate you, even if we don't always take the time to tell you so. God bless you & guide you as you make your decisions regarding your artwork.

  4. I'm glad you're feeling better about things today. Small business face the toughest survival period in the first 2 years.

    You may also want to make enquiries of Danielle over at Her business is helping other business owners get clarity and moving forward with concrete action plans. She does it over the phone. She's a straight shooter who doesn't mince words.


  5. love your sunflower and am enjoying mine too.
    thanks for sharing!

  6. You know, I wondered if you were just overworking yourself by using too many online areas to display your pieces...sometimes it just takes all the fun out of it and that's why you started in the first place, because you love to do it! (I know, that's why I teach...because I love it and the little sacrifices I have to make in my life to do it matter less than what I get to do in the end). Anyway, glad you are feeling better/more optimistic cute cousin!

  7. Cindy, I have only just read your last post, as I don't read blogs over the weekend (usually!), so I didn't comment. I thought you got lots of positive comments which said everything I wanted to say but most important you comment about who reads to the end. I read to the end of all your posts, you always have something interesting to say.

    Running a small art/craft business is very frustrating, my son makes tooled leather goods and has the same problems. He makes his money from building work but his heart is in his leather craft. Through my work I have a good idea of the level of investment a quality printer entails and I do hope that you manage to make your business successful.

    I am glad that you have so many blogging friends to encourage you. Good luck and best wishes Sylvia (England)

  8. Hi Cindy,
    I used to make my living teaching others to paint and writing instruction packets and books. A few years ago the decorative painting industry took a nose dive and we got out. I decided to have prints professionally make of a few of my paintings and also some notecards. This was a huge mistake. I found out that just because I can paint doesn't mean I can market myself. Needless to say I got stuck with lots and lots of prints that cost a small fortune. I thought that since I could sell my instructions so easily for years that my artwork would sell easily too. Then I found eBay and slowly but surely my originals started to sell. I now make my own prints and only print them as they sell so I'm not stuck with any inventory. My printer is not expensive but neither are my prints. They are good quality though. Needless to say all this has taken me years and I still would not be able to live off my income from this. Sales do continue to increase each year though. I believe that it takes great marketing skills and time to get your work noticed. Just don't give up! I just found less expensive ways to manage my business and slowly but surely spread the word throughout the internet. I'm passionate about my work and wouldn't give it up because I'm discouraged.

  9. Hey Cindy glad that you were able to find some answers, and here I am not going to read your last post, because I have only little clue, lol. Anna :)

  10. Hi Cindy,

    sorry I missed your previous post! To be honest, I wouldn't have known what to say. I am no good with words, however I did agree with what you said...and I too read every word of the post. It certainly made me think! Before I read your post, I never understood what was so bad about people copying photos, pictures etc from the computer (not that I do it myself!) but now I realise that those people who do the copying are indeed stealing from artists and people who are proud to share their work. Thank you for bringing this topic to light and I hope that your business picks up deserve it for the amount of work you do!

    Hugs and best wishes, from Meg and cats xxx


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