We have poppy seeds!

Do you remember the wonderful Hungarian Bread Seed Poppy that bloomed on the first day of spring? I've been anxiously anticipating the time when that seed pod would be dried up enough to harvest. And today was the day!

I carefully brought it inside and slit the side open with a kitchen knife to spill out the seeds. Look at how many were in just one pod!

I then took the seeds and carefully poured them into a small seasoning shaker that I'd labeled appropriately. Hubby is a big poppy seed fan so these seeds are for him. When he saw them his first comment was, "Anyone have a bagel?"

The first poppy bloom was the earliest of many flowers that followed weeks later and have been delighting us for the past month. Now I'm on "pod watch" as I wait for the rest of the pods to dry. At least one of the pods will be emptied into a seed envelope for planting next year. But the rest will end up seasoning breads and salads.

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  1. This is a real duh moment for me, Cindy. I have not even made the connection about poppies and the seeds for eating. Does it have to be a bread seed poppy or can you eat any of the seeds?

  2. You have made me hungry for a bagel now!!!!!

  3. That's pretty nice that you can use your own poppy seeds. I thought you could use just any poppy seeds on bread and bagels...and poppy seed cakes. Now I'm getting all hungry.

  4. I love things with poppy seeds, especially breads and bagels! They are so good. You have made me hungry now. I'll have to dig some of my wonderful recipes out now! Thanks for sharing!! Have a great weekend.

  5. Yes I am really wondering where I can find a bagel, without leaving the house of course. Sitting here in the early morning reading this.


    Our beautiful poppies have just started to grow, so it will be awhile before they bloom.


  6. How about lemon poppy seed pound cake? My husband's favorite!

  7. Now I always thought these poppies were the ones they grow for drugs. They grow mad in my garden if I let them and can be very large if self sown. I usully scatter in the spring. I prefer to call them frilly poppies as some have frilly edges.

  8. Awesome photos of the unripe seed pods. I just love this. And I love the fact that you are growing your own seeds... I think I can smell Lemon-Poppyseed bread!
    Love you,

  9. I love poppyseeds. I've heard that they should be stored in the freezer to avoid having them go rancid. Unless they don't last that long. :o)

  10. Wow! It's amazing that you get that many seeds from one pod. The pods are interesting too. I've never grown poppies before and didn't even connect them with the seeds you eat. I'll have to give these a try in my garden.

  11. How wonderful! I think I would be sowing them though as I love the thought of lots of the flowers. :-)

  12. I guess more will be coming then...Excellent photos too. Anna :)


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