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Sunset over the workshop's cupola and weathervane

There are many people that love the dawning of a new day--the freshness of the morning. I have to say that my favorite time of the day is just as the sun is setting--the twilight of a day. There is a restful peace in the air at that time.

I particularly like twilight time between the months of April and October. Each month's twilight times have their own special nuance that strikes the strings in my heart with such a pang, I cannot even describe it.

I could probably devote an entire blog just to each day's twilight sights and observations (I promise I won't though). That's how inspiring this time of day is to me.

Oreo, the garden kitty, loves to socialize at twilight

As we draw nearer to the first official day of summer, twilight often brings relief from the heat of the day. Twilight enters on cool calming breezes blown off the waters of the San Francisco Bay. Those breezes are always so delicious to my skin if I sit out in the garden and "just be". And on those cool wafts come the silent wings of dragonflies that swoop and dip in a canopy over the garden as they catch their evening meal on-the-wing. I love sitting under that magical moving canopy.

"Montezuma" rose

I know that in the world of film making, twilight is known as "golden hour" because of the amazing light that it casts and how beautiful it looks captured on film. Maybe it's my photographer's eye that has entranced me with the light of the ending day. I don't know.

What time of day makes your heart flutter and sing inside you?

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  1. A beautiful post Cindy. My favorite time is also twilight. My blog friend in Ireland recently challenged me to answer some questions and this was one of them!

  2. Cindy, You have such a beautiful way with words. I love this post. The shot over the garden shed is beautiful. And I share you favorite time of day, that beautiful golden evening light... I think it is God's light.
    Love you,

  3. Both, Cindy, as I am a morning and an evening person (annoying, I know ;-)). Twilight is getting later and later now over here as it gets dark around 10, soon it will be around half past 10. And as the sun is up quite early here as well, the days are getting very long but still not long enough to do everything I want to do. I'm sure you know the feeling. ;-) Enjoy your weekend!

  4. Here in the Med we don't get much of a twilight but I do love sunsets, which are usually gorgeous and breath-taking. And of course, that's the time of day when it cools down too.

  5. Hia Cindy, beautiful pics. A couple of my roses are flowering. I felt like I was seeing old friends after their Winter absence.

    I don't have a fav time of day. The sunrises here are special because I am rarely up that early, but I also like seeing the sun set over the sea.

  6. I so agree! I'm not a morning person - wish I was because I could start gardening earlier and get more done - so I love twilight too. Especially this time of year when I can come home from work and still have some daylight left. The pictures in your post of awesome! Love the kitty! -Jackie

  7. Beautiful photo. I love the early morning, when there is still a chill in the air and the coffee is hot.

  8. Cindy, I think you have been gifted with JOY in your garden. How wonderful!
    Quiet mornings are my favorite, with the birds calling . . . time when I can just lose myself in the outdoors and somehow things balance in the calmness. Interesting, the thoughts that come to you then.
    Your yard is so lovely, with many little peaceful places in it. The new deck compliments your little bungalow!
    Love ya, Auntie

  9. What a beautiful photo of the rose in the garden gate!

    Evenings are my favorite time. It is so peaceful sitting on the patio with the dogs close by and the horses content with their hay. It is such a wonderful time to observe nature.

  10. Cindy, I like both evening and the morning, both have different feelings, one give sense of winding down, and the other unwinding. Thanks for sharing, like the rose photo a lot. Anna :)


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