Lucy's weirdness

One of Lucy's favorite places to sneak into is the little flap of fabric the bloops down when the recliner chair is reclined. Since this is Hubby's favorite place to sit, Lucy usually climbs in there when he is sitting in the chair relaxing after dinner. Being a true "party animal" personality, Lucy is always up for a game of chase the feline flyer and this spot in the chair makes the game extra fun for her. I took these photos because Hubby can't ever see Lucy when she's in the chair.

These photos are further evidence why we think that Lucy isn't really a kitty cat. We think she's a cross between a squirrel, a weasel, and a meerkat. In other words, she's a "squeaselkat".

As I took the photos, Hubby swung the feline flyer around to entertain little Lucy. All the action attracted the attention of Lydia (who cannot stand Lucy one little bit). Amusingly, Lydia didn't realize that Lucy was right next to her in the chair or she never would have come that close.

And then Lydia finally did see who was perched by her shoulder. Talk about the "evil eye". Goodness! Lydia is NOT a fan of squeaselkats! Can you tell?
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  1. Such cute kitties! I wanted to tell you that you were absolutely right about the fennel! It's coming up EVERYWHERE! Last year was my first year to have it and I had no idea!

    Also, thank you for your sweet comment, it has been so sad watching our parents suffer. Especially my mother-in-law wasting away. She only weighed 95 lbs at last weeks check. I know she has lost more. It sounds like you know firsthand how heartbreaking that is.

  2. These photos are a riot! Those darn cats!

  3. That may be one of the funniest things I've ever seen. LOL!

  4. Only another cat-person would post such a crazy cute episode of another cat gone super species ?
    I loved this .. we had a beautiful shy Calico called Lucy and she was an odd ball too : )
    Thank you for the chuckles this morning .. my girls get that evil eye on at least a few times each day ! LOL

  5. Are they just too cute for words, oh I love cats. I know that this sentence does not show the joy that I get from looking at these photos.

    Bootsie is here now, he has been out all night, and then he stops in for a quick bite, or a nap. If we did not love him so much......


  6. LOL... I love Lydia's evil eye! Great photos.
    Love you

  7. Kitties sure do find the silliest spots for napping. But I'd say she's found a cozy one!

  8. Lucy definitely has a little glint in her eye. Too funny how she squeezes herself in there....what happens when Hubby decides to get up...?

    Lydia is very funny with her grumpy face. She doesn't know all the fun she's missing out on, if she'd only lighten up a bit. Poor puss.

  9. LOL!!! These are precious and you have a very ingenious "squeaselkate!


  10. This is so Cute!!!

    Charybdis and Lucy must be related. Charybdis likes to get in the strangest places too. ~Alasandra

  11. Your cats are hilarious. I will trade you my cat Ruby for little Lucy. Ruby is a nasty kitty! Likes to bite and pull out her hair. She has "psychogenic alopecia". The vet says she needs prozac!! I still love her despite all of her dysfunction! :)

  12. LOL oh that last pic is priceless! you must laugh so much at their escapades.


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