A new discovery...

The Breast Cancer Site

I received an email from my mother today. It was one of those that you forward on to everyone you think would care. It contained a link to The Breast Cancer Site where all I had to do was click the big pink button, and my simple click made sponsor money available to fund free mammograms for women. I can click once a day. So easy... so simple... so important.

Instead of forwarding an email, I thought it would be more fun to write about it here, because along with the clicking button I discovered that there is a wonderful online store with lots of fun goodies (mostly pink). Every purchase from the store helps fund mammograms for women in need. Pretty cool!

So help me go shopping...

For only $6.00 I could buy a set of Nellie's dryerballs to soften my loads of laundry naturally. And look... they're pink! And my favorite shade of pink too!

For $14.95, I could get this adorably pink indoor potting set. Isn't this just too cute? (Did you see that they're pink?)

But then there are this wonderful Deluxe Garden Pruners for $12.95 that would look so pink and chic out in the garden or in my floral design tool bag. (There's that pink again.)

Looks like I've some decisions to make... any suggestions?
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  1. This is a good thing. I have not yet been affected nor anyone in my family. I try to get my mammograms regular. I am set up at 6 month intervals due to a spot for monitoring. Nothing serious.

  2. Hi Cindy, thank you for this post. I will put it on my blog as well.

    I had seen it on one of my fellow bloggers site but I couldn't remember whose blog. I'm glad you have it here. It is a great thing.

    Deanna :D

  3. What a great post. Love love all the pretty Pink pretties. I have a pink set of garden tools and bag I just love it...


  4. Ah yes...I posted something about mammograms on my site last year...mostly having to do with the other side of the 'experience', shall we say.

    My vote goes for the Indoor Gardening Set. I think you could use those in your potting shed. Very useful & pretty.

  5. Cindy excellent post and idea. Thanks for sharing. Anna :)

  6. Great post for a worthwhile cause. And all those pink goodies...it's hard to decide but I will vote for the pink indoor gardening set.

  7. Funny stuff.. I'd already been shopping and got the pink dryer balls (Bek had some blue ones and they looked like a good idea, but I'm not sure why!) And I got the polkadot lunch bag!


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