Under the canopy of the Cecile Brunner

Used a modified version of the Lomo action from Addicted to Design
Used texture from Dyrk.Wyst

That's where the contractor was trying to find relief from today's heat... under the canopy of the Cecile Brunner. It's been too warm today--over 80F (27C). That's way too intense for March around here. I'm hoping this is just a small heatwave with a cool-down to follow because I really don't want to have to deal with temps like this until they're supposed to come in May.

Every time it starts to warm up like this early in the year, I start to feel a bit panicked with thoughts like, "I didn't get everything done I needed to get done in the garden before the heat set in! It better cool down so I can get the other big projects done. Otherwise, I have to wait until November!"

Hubby calls it "awful-izing".

Fortunately, the days are longer so I can sneak out in the evening after the sun is farther down in the sky. I'm not supposed to have to play this game with the sun until May though. Okay... I'm awful-izing. I'll stop now.
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  1. Well I hope this is just some freak heatwave that won't last long Cindy. But your contractor picked a lovely place to get some shade today. :)

  2. Oh, what a lovely picture! This rose bloom looks so fresh and makes me want to smell it!

  3. What a beautiful bokeh effect! I love this! I also love the word *awful-izing*! Great description of what we sometimes do!

    Hope your project continues smoothly and your weather cools off appropriately.
    Love you,

  4. Its so easy to do some awful-izing when the weather is so awful! But your 'awful' weather would be heavenly for me... we're at 36*C here :P

  5. I was awful-izing yesterday. Big, snowstorm predicted. Well, it did come, but stayed in western Oklahoma. We got lots of rain, and I'll need to cover the roses and stuff, but all will be o.k. after tonight. I love that photo, and your words are beautiful too.~~Dee

  6. Let's see...you had 27 degrees C...I had about 27 degrees F. Well, today was warmer. I could send you some snow if that would be a help. Really, it's no bother at all...;-)

  7. Wow. Maybe we should house swap in March...you could enjoy the cold rainy weather and I'd revel in the hot sunny stuff. :o)

  8. Can anything be sweeter than a photo of a Cecile Brunner rose bud? Just lovely!


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