One Dozen White Roses Bouquet

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Today was my fourth floral design class, and we learned how to arrangement a dozen roses in a vase with leather leaf and fern for fillers.

This arrangement uses the stems of the filler to create an interlaced grid to place the roses in so they stay put--sort of. This was a new technique for me because normally I put the flowers in the vase and then try to figure out how to put in filler around them. I think I like the technique of placing the greenery first better.

The flowers aren't in floral foam so things move around a lot while arranging this bouquet. That can be good and bad depending what you're trying to accomplish at any given moment.

My roses didn't have long enough stems to get the full airy effect that our instructor had in her arrangement. I had to wire my three tallest roses to give them height.

Still, I like the arrangement and the way the stems criss-cross in the vase.
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  1. Now that's a good skill to learn. I'd like to learn it myself, as Rick will often present me (and Miss Kitty) with cut flowers, often roses, for those special occasions! (Kitty especially loves bouquets with baby's breath!)....

    Lovely arrangement, BTW!

  2. And now you are getting soooo good at this that the offers for things like special bouquets will come pouring whatcha think? (I am soooo lucky to have such talented family and friends...if i ever find a man, I think I'm set for my wedding....Misty-cake, between you and mom-flowers. Awesome!)

  3. Cindy, that arrangement is so very beautiful! I love the white roses with lacey fillers. And your collage is truly elegant.
    That must be a fun class :)

  4. Very beautiful!! I'm developing quite a love of white roses. Very elegant and striking in their simplicity.

  5. Wow. Very pretty bouqet and the white roses are gorgeous.

  6. Oh now that is absolutely stunning! Very beautiful. If/when I get married one day, I would love a bouquet of white roses like that. They look lovely, Cindy, great job!

    Hope everyone is well, hugs from Meg and cats xxx

  7. Like so much in life, it's amazing how much effort goes into something that looks simply beautiful!

  8. Cindy, thank you for all these lovely tips - I am enjoying your classes! I wonder if the classes are going to change some of the plants you grow, more fillers in the garden this year?

    Best wishes Sylvia (England)

  9. What beautiful white roses and I love the photo collage!

  10. I don't know why but I have been so into white roses lately! Maybe b/c they carry the "vendala" ones at Safeway (at least I think that's what they're called). Your arrangment is gorgeous! I never know what to do with the filler but this is very nice1

  11. Cindy you are so talented, and on top of that you take nice pictures. I was wondering, do you have to pay for the flowers too, or they are included with your training. Anna :)


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