Not quite "red"...

Used the Photoshop action Retro Love by pseudonymfreak

I bought these hyacinth bulbs years ago because the label said they were "red". Well, they're more of a deep magenta. Pretty, but not red.

Does anyone know of a truly "red" hyacinth? I'm curious if they actually exist or if we gardeners simply wish them to be so.

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  1. Can't tell you about red hyacinths...I am not much of a gardener. But those magenta ones sure look awesome.

  2. *drool* I'm not a huge fan of magenta in too many flowers, but in a hyacinth - yes! I've not seen a true red either.

  3. I've never seen a true red Hyacinth, it would be interesting though.

  4. Definitely one of my favorite shots. So very moody!


  5. OMG! This beats red by a mile, IMHO. These are absolutely gorgeous & dramatic and I'll bet they smell delicious too.

  6. I have never seen or even heard of a Red one. But I must say that the one you have is just a beautiful color. I planted some last fall, but they are blue, I can't wait to see them.


  7. I have never seen one but then who cares ... this is stunning!

  8. The ones they call red are really a deep pink. Beautiful pic.

  9. But it's so lovely! Are you really bitter it's not red? I like red too, but that is beautiful! So who's gonna cry about it?


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