New beginnings

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Spring has always has a wonderful sense of newness about it. For us, this year has an added element of blossoming and newness. Along with all the fruit tree blossoms on the plum, apricot, and Pippin apple tree (above), we have new beginnings going on all around and in our home.

This Spring's many firsts include:
  • This is the first rainy season that we haven't had any standing water in the crawl space under our home thanks to the drainage system that is artfully hidden by pea gravel walking paths. It is so rewarding to know my hard work paid off.
  • This is the first spring that I have use of the entire square footage of the back garden without any rubble piles or "works in progess" in the back corners.
  • Our house has a new strong foundation on the south side and is braced by pilings that go down into the ground 30 feet. The sense of security we have now is beyond words--particularly because we live in "earthquake country".
  • This last Saturday, the contractors installed the very first side utility door in the garage wall. Now the garage has natural light coming in even when the garage door is closed. It's not a dark cave anymore!
  • When we walk into the garage now, the wonderful smell of new lumber envelopes us and reminds us that we have brand-new studs along the entire exterior wall that are solid and sound (no more damaged wood!).
  • I have successfully prepped the entire area across the back of the house for a new deck to be installed by our contractors. Once the finishing touches are done with the garage wall, the deck starts. The piles of brand new lumber in the back are a wonderful sign that it's really going to happen!
All the new beginnings are very exciting because we've waited 8 1/2 years for it all to happen. And it seems so timely that it is all coming about right now during Spring.
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  1. The renovations are so exciting! Looking forward to photos of everything finished!

  2. Enjoy the renovations and enjoy Spring :)

  3. New beginnings...wonderful aren't they?! It is kind of a relief that the previous chapter is over and a new one is here to discover. You have worked very hard and now, enjoy the results! You deserve it!

    Despite everything that has gone on here with these lads, this has been the best ever start to a year for me. A new house, a new garden, a new life and my two girls by my side...I don't think it could get much better!

    Smiling faces all 'round!! :)

    Hugs from Meg and cats xxx

  4. Wonderful new beginnings going on, full of promise of leisurely days on that deck! Enjoy!

  5. Cindy,
    How exciting! A new deck would be the perfect addition this time of year. I love to sit on mine in the spring and watch the birds and wait expectantly for my flowers to bloom. Freshly cut wood is the next best thing to the scent of spring flowers!

  6. It sounds like you have a real head start on the Spring cleaning/sort out. Oh it will be so marvelous for you to see the end of years of hard work come to fruition. :-)

    Well done!

  7. That's a lot of firsts! And, a lot of work! Your home sounds really wonderful.

  8. What excitement! I am so pleased that you are getting all of these things finished at your little cottage. I know it has been a long, LONG haul from the *danger room* to dream realized!
    Love you so much,


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