Long and Low

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Today was week 5 in my floral design class at the adult education center in our town. And our arrangement was really exciting to construct. It's called a "long and low" arrangement. It is intended to be used as a centerpiece for a table or an arrangement for a buffet or sideboard. The candle adds a touch of elegance to it.

This week I bought my flowers myself and brought them to class. I had the option to have our instructor pick up flowers at the San Francisco Flower Mart, but I wanted the fun of picking out my own. Costco has a good assortment of fresh flowers, so I did my shopping there yesterday.

At Costco, I was able to find all the flowers I needed (and then some) but I couldn't find any filler. When I got home, I thought about what I might have growing in the garden that might be suitable. I decided to cut some branches of camellia greenery and also some fronds off a wonderful conically shaped fern I have beneath the camellia bushes. I was a bit nervous about bringing them to class, because I wasn't sure if our instructor would consider them appropriate. When I got to class, my instructor immediately recognized the camellia and then shared with us that it is a great filler to use for arrangements. I told her I was really happy I'd been brave enough to bring it. That taught me that I need to trust my gut instincts a bit more when it comes to this new venture of floral design.
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Barbee' said...

It turned out great. Beautiful. I know you are enjoying these classes. They really helped me.

Willow said...

Good job! I love it when we trust our instincts!

Carolynn said...

That's gorgeous, Cindy. I love the deep burgundy colours and the greenery is perfect! I would think that any thing goes in a flower arrangement.

Loree said...

It's beautiful. I would not know where to start with flower arrangind. Your arrangements are always lovely.

Melanie said...

That looks great. I can see that sort of arrangement working well on bench style tables like at a wedding reception where you want to see everything that is going on and talk to your neighbour opposite.

Well done for following your instincts Cindy. Great colour combination too.

Lori said...

Wow, it's beautiful! You do such wonderfully beautiful things, Cindy. This is so cool.

Joanie said...

Just beautiful. I love this color. The camellia leaves are just right for this, I love their waxy green leaves.
Love you

Helen Read said...

your class sounds like lots of fun, Cindy - and I love what you've posted!

Beth at Aunties said...

You should always trust your gut instinct as you have a superb eye!
It sure seems to be a fun class to take.
The camelia leaves looked so pretty:)

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