Dreaming in purple watercolors

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Used my free texture Birdbath pedestal 1

Our neighbor up the street has this wonderful climbing vine that is covered in tiny purple flowers. It grows on a pergola right on the sidewalk and I can see the profusion of purple from down the street. I decided to walk up and take some shots. Then I decided to get creative with the shots I took. Now I'm thinking I need to get one (or two) of these vines for myself. I have the perfect spot for them too.

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  1. Breathtaking photo Cindy! You definitely need some of that vine for your garden. Can't wait to see where you put it. :)

  2. I always forget how much I LOVE purples until I see them again.....

    and this gorgeous picture certainly feeds that part of my soul that craves that colour!

    Yah Purple! Yah Cindy!

  3. Oh it's gorgeous! I love looking at this picture. There's something soothing about it..

  4. Hi Cindy! That's so pretty. You work magic with your photos! What is the vine, do you know?

  5. Oohh... can you see the lick marks on your screen? This is so deliciously beautiful! Very nice watercolor.
    Love you,

  6. So pretty! The vine is, too--do you know what it is called? Is it foxglove on a vine?

  7. OOOh, me likey a lot! Thank you for this welcome colourwash of spring (you know we're still along way from that)...

  8. Wonderful picture. Very creative.

  9. I'm a big fan of purple. I think a vine (or two) of those would dress up your new workshop beautifully.

  10. Hi Cindy....now that is beautiful, really beautiful......and my favourite colour to.....
    Your work is amazing......

  11. That is so beautiful! My fav colour too. :-) Sweet pea ish sort of flowers. Do you know its name?

  12. Oh, I miss spring so much it hurts...and especially when my feet are cold and wet...then I really want the spring to come!

  13. That is absolutely beautiful
    I enlarged it and it looks so

  14. Wow this is something I would frame on my wall Cindy. Beautiful soft purple colors. Anna :)


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