Carnation Parfait

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Today, I attended my first floral design class. We have a wonderful adult education center here in town that offers an array of classes ranging from GED completion to computer skills to creative skills. This beginning floral design class is the first of many that I will be attending in order to achieve my certificate in floral design.

To receive certification I will need to attend 60 classes (180 hours of instruction). I will leave each 3 hour class with a fresh flower arrangement in-hand. Part of the requirement for the certification is to photograph each floral arrangement we create and put the photographs in a binder that will be used for certification. And when that same binder is also a portfolio of our work to be used for getting florist jobs. That means there will be 60 pages of 60 arrangements in my portfolio. Pretty beefy portfolio to walk away with, isn't it?

At 3 hours of instruction a week, it will take a while to complete the certification process, but I am thrilled at the prospect of being able to acquire a valuable marketable skill while still doing all the other things that I do in my life. If for some reason I ever need to go back to working for someone else, the thought of going back to an office makes me queasy. Since I've been attracted to floral design since I was a young girl, this seems like a much better option to me. I told Hubby that this will be a good "fall back" skill in case I ever need it.

Another reason why I'm taking this class is to make it possible for me to broaden my photographic horizons and have more subject matter with which to create my photographic art. I can already tell after one class (and one adorable floral arrangement which I'm calling "Carnation Parfait") that I'm going to have a lot of fun with this.

And another bonus... every time I walk by the mantle, I get a whiff of the spicy aroma of carnations. Not a bad fringe benefit, I'd say.

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  1. That looks gorgeous. Good enough to eat. Haha.

  2. Now that's cute! Would be a perfect picture for a teens birthday card.

  3. Is that not the cutest thing I have ever seen?

    What a creative idea. Good for you to take this course. My friend is a floral designer, she loved it. But she never got the amazing portfolio that you did.


  4. I think there was a perfume (blue something?) which smelt of carnations. Bottles are now collector's items. What a lovely course you are attending and how lovely that you wil have a usable portfolio and a quaiication at the end of it. I can see it being a useful skil if ever you decorated for a wedding or party.

  5. I'm totally envious of your opportunity to take this course. What fun! The parfait is delightfully creative and fun. I'm sure there are lots of ways you could use your new found skill that won't require you to work for someone else. You could easily freelance. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your creations.

  6. You are so talented Cindy. I love your carnation parfait! That class sounds like so much fun!

  7. What a good idea, Cindy, in these tumultuous times. You'll have a hefty portfolio, for sure, and a new skill that ties in with your other interests, as you've said.

    The sundae is beautiful, but I think I'd rather smell it than eat it!

  8. Before I read the story I thought it was a real sundae! Good job!

  9. Now that's a sight to behold! A combination of two of my favourites.... food and flowers.....

    Oh what fun!

  10. My husband made me a carnation parfait for my birthday when I turned 17. How fun to take a floral class ! Can't wait to see the pics that come from that!

  11. Cindy, what a great idea! You will be a natural in floral design. And even if you never *have* to use it... what fun to learn it and beautiful you darling cottage.
    Love you so much,

  12. How very clever, Cindy, and carnations are so spicy and delicious anyway. :) Gorgeous!

  13. How perfectly delicious!Oh and of course, I'm so envious (in a nice way ... isnt that possible?) that you have the opportunity to attend these classes. I think I could easily kill to be in even one of those classes. Enjoy yourself! :)
    Oh and do keep posting these lovely photos :) :)

  14. That is so yummy looking...just lovely! Kim

  15. It looks fabulous! You clever thing.


  16. Cindy, only 60, lol, I am sure there will be more once you finish your class, lol. Excellent start. Anna :)


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