Blessed Rain

A photo of the pond waterfall in the back garden with fallen plum blossom petals in it

There has been such concern over our drought conditions in the entire state of California, that when we had such an unseasonably warm January the naysayers really had a lot to "naysay" about.  

I have learned to not be quick in drawing conclusions about anything--especially the weather.  As far as I'm concerned, God is more powerful than anything in the universe--including Al Gore [I'm being highly sarcastic].  If He (God, not Al Gore) sees fit to send the majority of our "winter" rainfall in another month other than January, then so be it.  I'll take it whenever it comes.

The rainfall has been so heavy as of late that it pummeled one of my big daffodils and bent its stem so that it was going to die far too early.  I usually avoid cutting my bulb flowers, preferring to leave them in the garden where they're growing.  But this one, I cut and put in a bud vase on the mantle.  It has thanked me by perking up and being a little spot of sunshine on the grey rainy days that have been upon us--days that I am extremely grateful for even though I crave the sun. 

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  1. Daffodils are so beautiful. I know how you feel about the rain. We will soon have the summer drought and won't see a drop of rain between May and September. You can imagine how the ground soaks up the first rain.

  2. I love it when it rains. Oooh, I get chills just thinking about all the rain we'll get in the spring.

    Pretty daffodil.

    Hey! I like that carnation parfait! It looks yummmmmmy.

  3. Hi Cindy,
    here in San Antonio, we could use a bit of rain. Presently, we are getting moisture from the light frost in the morning but we are hoping for some rain drops soon. I've put my lemon and orange trees outside and covered them with five yards of tulle so the bugs won't get to them in the morning but I do un-cover them when I get home from work and lightly mist from top to bottom. They sure are cute little trees!

    Daffs are one of my favorite flowers and I love that the little things is hanging on.

    Deanna :D

  4. I do the same thing when I know a flower is going to be destroyed by a heavy rain. It's a nice way to enjoy the bloom especially on a dreary day. Glad you are finally getting some much needed precipitation!

  5. Great post Cindy! My daffodils are just beginning to peak through the soil and it was 78 yesterday. They are calling for snow next week. But that's Missouri weather for you.

  6. I'm not sure I could get excited about rain. Maybe in a parallel universe. Enjoy the wet stuff!

  7. We're getting sun today! I went out and cut one daffodil, a rose, a camellia and some snapdragons. It was like holding heaven in my hand. Can't wait for more!

  8. Beautiful photos of the daffodil. I will have to wait a while more. And I love the flower parfait too. Very clever and pretty.

  9. Glad you are getting are we and need it desperately as well. I was cruising to past posts and kept seeing a line in your photos and thought...what is wrong with her camera. Upon closer inspection I realized it was a watermark. Looks very artistic done in that manner.

  10. Thank you for blessed rain ... earth's gift :)

  11. I love daffodils. I had wanted to be married in April so I could have daffs for my wedding. But, oh well, I married in July and the married has lasted 35 years even without the daffodils. And I can't grow them in SoCal...


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