Secret whispers between daffodils...

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This isn't the first time I've caught some of my flowers "conversing". Last year, I caught the hollyhocks doing it too, and I ended up writing a little poem about it.

Whenever I see the flowers nodding toward one another like this, it reminds me of Disney's Alice in Wonderland when Alice goes into the flower garden and finds out that "you can learn a lot of things from the flowers..." And the daffodils in the film are called "dizzy daffodils". I think mine look far more intelligent than the ones Alice encountered, but I'm probably biased because they're growing in MY garden.

Golden Afternoon
Music: Sammy Fain
Lyrics: Bob Hilliard
Performed by: Kathryn Beaumont [Alice], Chorus [Flowers]

Little bread-and-butterflies kiss the tulips,
And the sun is like a toy balloon.
There are get up in the morning glories,
In the golden afternoon.

There are dizzy daffodils on the hillside,
Strings of violets are all in tune,
Tiger lilies love the dandy lions,
In the golden afternoon,
The golden afternoon.

There are dog and caterpillars and a copper centipede,
Where the lazy daisies love the very peaceful life they lead...

You can learn a lot of things from the flowers,
For especially in the month of June.
There's a wealth of happiness and romance,
All in the golden afternoon. ...
All in the golden afternoon,
The golden afternoon...
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  1. Pretty daffodils.... very intelligent looking, I do agree. Wonder what they are chatting about?

  2. Nice to see more daffodils popping up in people's gardens (and their blogs). We're having another snowstorm so I'm a long, long way from Daffodils...

  3. I've always liked daffodils and miss them in the garden here. Yours are undoubtedly talking about the cute crocuses nearby.

  4. I've always liked daffodils and miss them in the garden here. Yours are undoubtedly talking about the cute crocuses nearby.

  5. Well, nothing blooming here although it did hit 50 degrees yesterday. I can't wait for Spring...I'm getting Cabin Fever!

    Love your blooms!

  6. they do look like they are whispering secrets

  7. Sorry I haven't been by for a few work has been crazy busy! ♥ Hugs :)

  8. :-) Alice in Wonderland was exactly what I thought too when you said about the flowers talking! I have the song in my head now and it's years since I watched that video. Isn't memory marvellous?

  9. So loved that movie and song ... thanks for the memories, beautifully crafted with your photo.

  10. They do look pretty chummy. Maybe they're sharing beauty secrets.

  11. I love daffodils...they are so sweet and cheery!

  12. as usual, Cindy, you have captured the beauty of flowers - and I love the idea of secret whispers!

  13. Hey Cindy, I have a little gift for you over at my place.

  14. Cindy, stop by my blog. I've got something for you.


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