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Last month I ordered and received the most beautiful photo greeting cards I've ever seen from Jen at Muddy Boot Dreams. I've been an adoring fan of Jen's work for a while now and to finally be able to own some of her work is a real treat. I am partial to blue and purple flowers (lilacs in particular) so of course I chose an assortment of cards that had those colors in them. Jen's cards are pristinely handcrafted and each is a work of art.

What I love most about Jen's work is that she has an eye for great natural lighting. It's what makes her floral macro photography a step above the rest. It is also what makes me stop and look twice... three times... and more. Many of Jen's photographs are so beautiful that they make me ache inside. Her obvious love of florals comes through in her compositions--particularly when she showcases flowers en masse and allows one variety of flower to take center stage and show off. And her portfolio doesn't stop at floral macros. Her waterside shots are amazing in their depth and perspective. Her still life shots are deep in textures and colors.

Jen's work is what drew me in, and it is her warmth and kindness that has made her a dear blogging friend. If you haven't visited her blog, Muddy Boot Dreams, I strongly recommend that you do. And if you want a REAL treat for your eyes view her online portfolio of greeting cards. They're so beautiful you can almost smell the flowers!
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  1. I would love to take credit for these, Heidi, but they are taken by a wonderful photographer friend, Jen at Muddy Boot Dreams.

  2. Thank you for introducing me to Muddy Boot Dreams! I went over and browsed for a while.

  3. Cindy, I am blushing! Thank you for the lovely complements. I hardly recognize myself.

    You omitted to say that I adore your work also. Especially the new textures that you have been working on. Your talent is amazing!


  4. They certainly look beautiful, Cindy! I'll have to visit her site.

    I love the blue and violet hues, myself!

  5. Beautiful! I especially like the hydrangeas in the tea cup. You and Jen BOTH are very talented photographers! (That's really an understatement.)

  6. I agree, Jen's photos are absolutely gorgeous! She's long been a favourite of mine too. Beautiful testimonial about a fellow friend.


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