Flowers for a rainy day

Pink hyacinth just beginning to bloom and looking a bit scrawny

Today is drizzly and rainy outside. The ground is so soggy that if I went out I would end up with clay caked inches thick on the bottoms of my shoes. I'm fine with the rain though. We really need it. I'll just hole myself up here in my studio and do creative things while we get the much needed moisture.

Tight "Cherry Parfait" rosebuds insisting on blooming even though it's February

A few days ago, we got a short break between stormfronts blowing in off of the Pacific. I took the opportunity to take some photos of the flowers out in the garden.

A little volunteer growing in the potted palm by the pond

I find that it's always good to have "sunny" flower photos to look at on days like today. Somehow it makes the skies outside a little less grey. As my sweet Hubby wisely said this morning in an email to me, "...carry your own sunshine".
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  1. Carry your own sunshine.... now that's grand advice! Don't mind if I'll heed that one myself!


  2. I love the sunny days between the storms, too. I usually don't mind the rain storms as long as I know they won't last for two months!

  3. It's so true--even for us in California, the flowers are so bright and cheery!

  4. We must have had your sunshine today! Thank you! I think it's headed back your way now. :-)

  5. Great advice! I must remember it when we have our 3 months (almost non-stop) of monsoon rains.

  6. Where I'm catching up with everyone's blogs, I've been seeing sunshiney pics- so great on an overcast day like today.

  7. Lovely as always Cindy.

    Thanks for the beautiful shots.

    Spring can't be that far behind.



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