Cupid blowing kisses

I was at my sister-in-law's home yesterday, and shot some photos of a precious wind chime/bird feeder hanging on her front porch. Because Valentine's Day is a favorite holiday of mine--mostly because of all the red, pink, and white (the colors of my kitchen, by the way), I'm in a very Valentine-y mood today (and probably will be for the rest of the week). So when I was post-processing the image I'd shot of the little angel, I thought it would make a perfect Valentine's image. I manipulated the blue sky and made it pink, while adding some other fun elements like a texture, some text, and some faint swirlies.

Used my texture Flourish in stone
Used the Photoshop action Retro Love by pseudonymfreak
Click the image to view it larger

Before I left her house, Hubby's sis mentioned that the little angel was made for them by a friend. What a lovely gift to receive! I'm glad I got shots of it from another angle as well. The feeling is completely different even though the subject matter is the same.

Used the Vintage Film Photoshop Action by By_Fallout75
Click the image to view it larger

Isn't it fascinating how a different perspective makes so much of a difference? A lot like life in so many ways.
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  1. That's gorgeous! You did a great job :) It'll make a beautiful Valentine's card.

  2.'ve got such a great eye...very lovely photos indeed!

  3. What a perfect photo for the week leading up to Valentines Day. I love them. I especially love the actions that you are using, and the layering of text.


  4. I'm in a Valentine frame of mind these days too, except that's unusual for me. Uusually, it's just another day.

    I like the swirly bits and the pink.

    It is amazing what a new perspective will do for one's outlook and experience.

  5. I will make a wonderful card! I like what you did with the textures and such.

  6. Oh, Cindy, This is just beautiful! I love the way you've placed the swirls and flourish so it looks like the little angel has blown the air. Your typography is outstanding and I love the color change. I think this goes right to the top of my favorites list.
    Love you,

  7. How precious is that? I love the angel blowing a kiss against that pretty pink sky! Great job...and happy valentines! Kim

  8. I love cupids. And pink. And Valentine's day. This year we will celebrate Vday with a book signing here in Clayton. Can't wait!

  9. Too cute! I love valentine's day as's a bit more romantic without the man (ro-tic?) for me...but it's still fun.

  10. That looks awesome! I love the pink sky!

  11. Very creative work, Cindy! I particularly like the top one, with all its deftly applied changes.

    Yes, they do both convey a different feeling because of their treatment. Well done!

    Happy Valentine's Day to you and Brent!


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