Work while the sun shines...

There's a hymn that has the line "Work while the sun shines, work with a will..." I've found myself following that counsel a lot this past year. The tune and words often run through my head. I find that my day's activities are frequently determined by the weather. On days when it is cold and overcast, I will usually hole up in my studio and focus on creative things. But when the sun is shining, I want to be outside in the garden doing anything that needs doing.

The times when I don't have the luxury of letting the weather dictate my day's schedule are when I have chosen to commit myself to some sort of deadline. If it's a creative deadline, then the sun can be shining but I'll be holed up in my studio. If it's a home improvement deadline, then I will end up outside in less than optimum conditions.

This week has been the latter of the two. Why? Because last week, Hubby and I FINALLY found the workshop/shed we've always wanted at an amazing price at Lowe's (ours will look just like the one at left only we'll paint ours yellow to match the house). The clincher for the whole deal was that the price included installation! Woohoo! We don't have to risk our marriage to get the shed (I don't play well with others when it comes to garden projects).

The instructions we received from the installer were that we needed to provide a site that was within 6 inches of level and would have 3 feet clearance on all sides of the footprint of the workshop that is 12'x8'. And the installation will be happening in less than two weeks. So you know what that means... it was time for me to crack the whip on myself and get the site prepped.

I am happy to report that after a week of heaving concrete blocks around in the back garden, the site is now ready to accept a deep layer of pea gravel which will be the foundation of our dream workshop. But that also means that the first week I've been well since my "lovely" Christmas cold has been completely devoid of creative pursuits in the studio--no pretty photos to share.


I just realized that I still haven't shared my latest "vintage" botanical print that I created before I got sick.

Fresh Lemon (vintage treatment)

Originally a photograph of some of our Eureka lemons growing in the garden, I brought the photograph into Photoshop and, using my digital Wacom tablet, turned it into a "vintage" botanical print. Because of the aforementioned deadline, I haven't had a chance to format this and print it up into notecards and other pretty stationery as intended. For now, it's just fun to look at on the computer when I dart in briefly on breaks between forays into the garden to engage in manual labor--manual labor that I LOVE!

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  1. Perfect garden shed! I can't wait to see it finished and painted yellow. Such a happy color.

    And it's good the shed came with marriage insurance!

  2. That's a charming shed Cindy! I love the doors & the window. :)

  3. Congratulations on getting your dream shed! I can't wait to see it, and yellow should be lovely!

  4. How fun to have your own studio! Neat! How will you keep it warm? These things concern me since I often get cold, even in the summer, if I sit in one place for too long.

  5. Your workshop/shed looks perfect!

    And your newest creation -- a joy to behold!


  6. So lovely, I am wondering if there is room on my deck to build one of those, no I don't think so.

    What a great idea, I have plans in my head for a little workshop/studio/guesthouse. Cute cottage style, out in the back 40 somewhere. One day.


  7. Oh, Cindy, I love this shed. It will be perfect in the back garden at Rosehaven Cottage!!! I love it!

    Your lemon print is exquisite! I love the soft worn feeling you've achieved.

    Good luck with all your outside projects... just think... in a few days your work will be done and all you'll have to do is sit back and photograph the workmen!
    Love you,

  8. Wait...the sun is shining somewhere.....?

    I'm envious of your little garden of Eden and the too cute shed you're getting soon.

    Enjoy your project!

  9. Hey Cindy; How exciting to be getting such a sweet looking place for garden goodies and work. Not to mention the best is you don't have to put it up they will.... Oh and I love your aged lemon photo it is so great looking, it really looks very old. It will make wonderful note cards.

    Have a great week.


  10. Love the lemon picture...I keep thinking I want to get a program to fiddle with my photos but I'm not sure what to get or when I'd really have time to do anything with it. But you inspire me cute cousin!

  11. Cute shed! Actually, maybe we should call it a 'garden folly'. And good on you with the installation thing. It took a lot of work for us to get the shed built at our house.

    And now we're starting a bathroom finish project in the basement. That ought to be interesting!

  12. Hi the shed..I betcha can't wait to get it up and use it!! I love staying in and crafting on dreary days, we get a LOT of them here in WA.

    Love your new print!

  13. Soon you will have a beautiful workspace! I'm glad you got it at a good price. House space and workshop space are at a premium for most of us, I guess.

    Sorry to hear you had a cold over Christmas. Viruses hardly ever have good timing, it seems!

    I love your vintage series, Cindy. So soft and lyrical with that air of antiquity... :)

  14. What a beautiful photo. I love the soft worn quality of it. You did a great job.

    Deanna :)

  15. Oh wow I love the shed, and that's a very clever PS conversion of the lemons.

  16. That shed is so sweet. I am glad you are feeling better.

    Pretty print too. Well done.


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