Some yellow "sunshine" for my frigid friends

While most of the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. are having the typical cold weather one expects in January, others are having a particularly cold blast right now. Oddly enough, our little part of the world is experiencing some bizarre but wonderful warm sunny days. Monday's temps broke records throughout the Bay Area. It was 72F (23C) here. I was stunned. As I went about my garden work, my body was loving the warmth like it was April or May but then I would notice that the light was different with longer shadows. Tuesday and Wednesday were not as warm but the temps were still over 60F (16C). Normally out temps are 10-20 degrees cooler. In 2007, we didn't see the sun for the entire month of January--literally.

Because this feels like such a special gift from above, I really wish I could share all this warmth with all of you, my dear friends. If I was a billionaire, I'd fly all of you here so you could soak up the real sun. Since I can't, I decided to share little bits of yellow "sunshine" from around the gardens.

Along with the warm days came the bloom of the first daffodil in our garden. I found it tucked up under the hydrangea in the front garden.

The narcissus at the base of the olive tree in the back garden are still blooming. When I was photographing them, I kept getting wafts of their heady fragrance. It was heavenly.

The Eureka lemon has a wonderful cheerful crop hanging on its branches. The great thing about citrus is that I can leave it on the tree for a long time after its ripe, and it's just fine. Some citrus will stay on the tree for months without going bad. Hubby had me pick a couple on Monday so he could make me some delicious pan-sauteed lemon chicken. It was so yummy.

And there's still many lovely little Kinnow mandarins that are ready to be plucked when we feel like a sweet treat. Similar to Clementines, these are wonderful guilt-free sweets for us both. Did you know that there really is no such thing as a "tangerine"? The proper name for the fruit is "mandarin". I didn't know that until a few months ago.

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  1. Lovely. Thank you! We haven't seen the sun all week. Fog, fog and more fog. Alan says it's like England. I miss the sun.

  2. Cindy, I think this is a wonderful gift from *above*! I have to think that this will drastically reduce your SAD this year. You know that daffodils and narcissus are some of my favorite flowers. Grammy always had them thick in our flower beds. Just the memory of the smell takes me back!

    Asleep under 18" of snow in my front yard are 50 Costco narcissus just waiting for the spring thaw! I can hardly wait!!
    Love you
    PS as always, I enjoy your posts!

  3. Cindy,
    O.K. I'm ready to move. You are killing me with all this fresh fruit grown in your own yard. My father in law used to go to Florida every year and bring us back a big box of the sweetest grapefruit ever. I miss those. The photos are just fantastic!

  4. And just south of you, we're having temperatures in the 80s! It's hot!
    I'm loving my mandarins, too! So sweet and juicy!

  5. Daffodils in January! Thank you, Cindy!

    We saw the sun most of the day today, and part of the day there was a fine, powdery snow falling. With the sun shining on it, it looked like glitter falling from the sky. Just gorgeous! But very, very cold. I think the high today was 4°F and tomorrow it's to only get up to 2°F. Tonight's wind chill is expected to reach -40°F.

    Thank God for my warm home!

  6. Oh, thank you! I'll gladly accept your little bits of yellow sunshine, Cindy, they make me feel much warmer and happier even on this cold cold night. Tomorrow I'm going to town to buy fresh lemons and cut flowers to cheer up my kitchen. Maybe not narcissus, but whatever yellow flowers I can get my hands on!

  7. This was like light therapy for me stuck here in Texas in the freezing cold. Thanks. I still envy those lemons.

  8. Seriously not fair! But I appreciate your generosity in sharing a bit of your joy and springliness. But if I run off to California in the middle of February, leaving my poor babies to the wolves, it's totally your fault.

  9. It's warm here again too. Isn't it interesting that beautiful, sunny, yellow creations appear as the days warm up?

    Happy 2009!

  10. Ahhhhh, how nice to bask in this little ray of sunshine you've kindly provided, Cindy. The frost is gone over here and we are back to our regular programme of dull, wet and grey and as such very much in need of the sun.

    Have a great weekend and soak up some sun for me too, will you? ;-)

  11. Omigosh, you're getting daffodils while we're sealed in a frigid mass that makes it feel like Siberia! Today our "high" will be 9 degrees! You can feel the cold pressing in through the walls in a way that's not typical for us.

    Thanks for sharing your warmth. It's nice to think of you enjoying it, even if we are still shivering! ;)

  12. Cindy, thanks for the bright colors, we are a little foggy here, and everything is grey.


  13. Thank you for thinking of us!! This morning our thermometer read 28 below zero.... wind chill was - ??

    It warmed up to zero today!

  14. Hia again- catching up -it's been one of those weeks. :-) What perfect weather for gardening in. Here for a change we didn't have drizzle but some sunshine today. It was only 8C 45F but it felt lovely. Unfortunately we are braced for 100mph winds tonight and bad weather.

    Thank you for sharing your narcissi. I've forgotten what they smell like! :-)

  15. Beautiful... thanks for providing the flowers and the fruit, because they did a good job of at least symbolically warming things up in this part of the U.S.

    Oh, BTW, here's something I read a long time ago: Where do lemons grow? A lemon tree, my dear Watson... :-)


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