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No, I didn't steal away to Hawaii like I usually want to do in January although the above photo may make you suspect that I have. When I looked out across the street at the lone palm tree that grows behind a neighbor's land and saw the above scene, I wondered the same thing myself. Did I accidentally board a plane in my sleep and wake up in my beloved Hawaii? Even the clouds didn't look like our usual clouds as the sun parted them after a day or so of much-appreciated precipitation.

I don't remember a January that has been more beautiful, sunny, and warm than this. I feel very blessed to have my SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) reduced significantly because of it. It is a very special January for Hubby as well. He hasn't had to endure me frantically searching the internet late at night for travel deals to a tropical locale. He hasn't had to talk me down from threats of heading to SFO and taking whatever plane is taking off the soonest. This is a good thing for poor ever-patient and loving Hubby.

Instead, I've spent time in my ratty chaise lounge that's planted in full sun in the middle of the gravel in our back garden. I know it needs a new cushion, but I can't seem to find one that I like better than the sun-faded one that's there now. And because it's ratty, I don't have guilt about getting my muddy work boots on it sometimes when I take a break from my work to bask in the sun.

Today, dressed in my painter's overalls, I was out painting the workshop a sunny yellow with white trim (I promise I'll post photos soon). While I am doing my painting, there is a crew of men working on repairing the foundation on one side of Rosehaven Cottage. At one point, I realized my back needed a break so I took the time to stretch out on the chaise and just enjoy the sun. I could see that the workmen thought it was a little odd, and I caught one of them stealing some inquisitive glances in my direction. And, frankly, I didn't care. It's my garden and if I want to sunbathe in painter's overalls, that's my business! Being in your 40's does have some advantages.
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  1. After three long weeks, the sun finally came out on Sunday. It's still here and I'm soaking it up as much as I can. My spirits have finally lifted!

    Of course, it's 27 degrees the the moment. It was 7 when the boys went to school this morning, but I can soak it up from the window, just as well!!

  2. Hey, more power to you. I was laid out on the Monkey's trampoline doing the same thing last week.

  3. I took a beach walk this afternoon between teaching and tutoring. It was windy but it was wonderful!

  4. Oh, and just wait. It's even more advantageous in your '50' one even cares to look, then!

  5. I hear ya! It has made winter sooooo much more tolerable. The snap is back in the air again, though. We do still need more rain, too. Bummer.

  6. You do what you gotta do, honey!!! If you wanna sit out in whatever in the sun, you do it!!! I may come join you...

  7. Cindy -- Nice photo! And I am glad to hear you are feeling better this January! yah!

    We shall look forward to pics of your painting project...

  8. Gorgeous picture! Ahh hawaii.... Wait might we just get the same effect to hop over to Sunny California and see you instead?
    I am glad Mr B has been able to travel to a sunny place every other week and it has helped him!

    You are too cute:) That was funny about the workmen. They are getting paid to work! Enjoy the sun!

  9. What a beautiful photo for this time of year! That sky...and those clouds. Mmm. I can feel the warmth, too. :) I'm glad you took the time to ENJOY it.

  10. PS. I tagged you today (Tues). Come by soon and see what's up.

  11. What a lovely picture! Atleast you can pretend you are in Hawaii when you look out your window-enjoy!!

  12. That's a gorgeous photo. Those clouds look like whipped cream!

    I'm envious of YOUR winter....I can't remember a more snowy, foggy, frigid winter than this one! I usually head off somewhere warm in January too. I was actually supposed to be in Mexico again this very week, but alas, my plans went south without me, instead.

    I'm looking forward to seeing your workshed. It sounds very pretty.

    I'll bet the workmen were wondering if they could get away with lounging 'on the job'. ;o)

    Amen to being in my 40's!

  13. Glad you were able to get some sun! I know how crazy you can feel without it. I'm from Ohio and didn't realize the difference until I moved to Arizona.

  14. Delightful photo ~ I can almost feel the sun!

  15. Painter overalls rock! Especially if you're over 40...which I certainly am!

    What a beautiful shot with the palm tree, I was sure it was in Hawaii! Kim

    BTW...just added you to my blogroll

  16. Cindy you are funny, lol.
    BTW this photo is excellent, almost feels like you took it from the air plane. Anna :)

  17. Good on you Cindy!


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