Oxalis and Ivy

When my siblings and I were young, our mother took us on a leprechaun hunt in the forests of the California Redwoods. We spent the time looking in every hollow log and stump for leprechauns. We didn't catch any, although we thought we spotted one or two.

To this day, when I see the oxalis blossoms begin to emerge among the ivy in the month of January I find myself thinking, "We don't have much longer to wait until the leprechaun hunts can begin again".
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  1. What a sweet story! Maybe THIS year you'll catch a leprechaun in your garden!

  2. Pretty picture! Cute thoughts about leprechaun hunts.

    We're still well under snow and frosty temperatures. No sign of ivy here just yet!

  3. Lovely story Cindy. When I saw the title this wasn't the plant I expected, oxalis I thought had white or pink flowers with clover type leaves.

    Best wishes Sylvia (England)

  4. How delightful! I think one should always be on the lookout for leprechauns & fairies.

    BTW, I'm always very impressed by anyone who knows the actual names of flowers. :o))

  5. So pretty, Cindy! I knew you were up to something when I saw the backgrounds you posted on Flicker. Wasn't one of them The Bobbsey Twins?

    This is so pretty, so calming...

  6. To Sylvia--This is Oxalis stricta (common yellow oxalis or "Sour Grass"). It does have clover-like leaves but they aren't visible yet since it grows up through the ivy and peeks the yellow blossoms out first. A similar species is Great Yellow Woodsorrel (Oxalis grandis) that is larger. I haven't been able to determine which of the two varieties mine is, as mine came here on its own.

  7. I'd welcome ivy--or oxalis--growing right about now, but we're still way in the deepfreeze, of course. I love the various oxalises although this one is definitely a weedy species around here, and much disliked by greenhouse growers. I love the photo or art card youv'e made with it!

  8. Cindy, what a lovely story! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Wonderful!
    I used to imagine fairies, pixies elves and other Enid Blyton creatures living in the interestingly shaped roots of Elm trees when I was little. Perhaps your leprechauns were over-wintering with them?

  10. I loved your sweet story. What a precious mom you have to create magic for her children:-) The card is pretty!

  11. Cindy lol I am scared of leprechauns, lol! Excellent photo of yours. Anna :)


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