I have to post these...

Okay... I KNOW this will torment those of you in colder climes. I know... I know! But it seems to be an absolute "must" that I post photos of the ripe Kinnow mandarins on our little tree. I HAVE to!

Remember the old line "Please don't hate me because I'm beautiful?" I'm coining a new phrase. Please... don't hate me because I'm in this microclimate. ;-)

Despite the frost and chill that has caused all the leaves to fall off my plumeria and brugmansia, this little puppy just keeps plugging along. It's less than 4 feet tall and is fairly new in this location (less than a year). But look at that crop! And that's after I picked 5 or 6 yesterday! I just love a little tree that can do this--even after I accidentally fell backwards into it last summer during a mishap with the wheelbarrow (don't ask). What a trooper (the tree not me... I'm just a garden klutz).
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  1. Okay, I have been dragging a little lemon tree in and out of the yard for three years and I've got nothing. Man I would like to get a few citrus for myself. Very jealous, yet congratulations.

  2. We had a wee bit more snow yesterday...thats OK with me..it is winter after all.

    I have a big bowl of clementines on my coffee table...they are tummy...
    Happy New Year!
    Happy 300th post by the way!

  3. Cindy,

    They look beautiful and delicious! I have been on a clementine kick lately. Are they anything like that?
    I do hope you are feeling better;)
    I am glad you are enjoying your warmer climate:) We got 21 inches of snow on Christmas Day and it is snowing again...! Our street is still snow covered. I love seeing your greenry and beautiful garden.

  4. owww... that is so sweet - looks absolutely gorgeous!
    we r covered with snow here since 2 days. seeing fruiting tree with these orange little suns is soo cheering up!
    Thank you. I don't hate u 4 that :)

  5. Your climate's warmth + mandarins (my fav fruit) + our frigid Seattle weather + nothing blooming or fruiting for many months hence = you said it, torment! :) Well, if someone has to be happy, I guess it could be you.

  6. Oh my Goodness!!! It is -6 degrees centigrade in Oxfordshire this morning and we have icicles in the back garden...I am holding my cold hands to the screen hoping that some of your orange-y loveliness will seep through.

  7. Yep - I feel tormented :(

    How lovely to be able to pick your own Kinnow mandarins :)

    An Artists Garden.
    Sorry having trouble commenting - so have signed in under an old blogger account.

  8. Wow ! and OUCH ! ... what an amazing little producer this one is .. and ouch because I am in the frozen North ! LOL
    Loved seeing this though : )

  9. Cheeky girl!

    Lovely that at least one of us has a micro climate, you grow girl.

    Every time you eat those delicious oranges savour them, and think of all of us in the snow.


  10. If I had to guess where you lived just based on those photos, I'd say Florida. I love tenacity in nature, too. Enjoy a sweet mandarin for me today...it's snowing....again. :oÞ

  11. What a tree and so pretty to look at. You have a winner there, take care of it, its precious.......

  12. Yay for you! My plumeria is as happy as your mandarin orange tree. I have a narrow yard with lots of protection from frost, so maybe that's why. Yay for me!

  13. You bet I'm jealous! But I don't hate you; I'm happy for you! I'd be thrilled if it were my tree and I would post it, too.

    By the way, my brugs all dropped their leaves after the cold we had in the house last week, too. Well, all but one (that variegated one that I posted pics of its blooms). Not sure why that one survived better - usually the variegated things aren't as tough. The rest will be okay though - come spring when I can put them outside again!

  14. LOL! Don't hate me because I'm in this microclimate. So true! And your mandarins still torture me. I've heard, though, that they have some new citrus that are hardy down to zones 6-7 so I'm going to try some, I think.
    ~Angela :-)

  15. It's a handsome crop, Cindy. Nothing like the blessing of the fruits of the Earth.

    Forget wheelbarrow--I've walked into enough walls without any particular maneuver associated with it! And your garden will grow in spite of your antics!

  16. I'm so jealous! ;)

  17. No not going to hate you Cindy- I think it's wonderful that oranges are growing in your garden. Apricots against a warm wall are as exotic as Oxfordshire gets. I love the smell too- so Christmassy as we'd get a satsuma in the toe of our Christmas stocking as children. Well done!

  18. I want you to know that I bought an $8 bag of oranges from the corner vendor before heading back north (from P-dale)! I would like to, just once in my life, live where I could grow oranges and avocados. Think that will ever happen?
    Love you,

  19. I'm trying REALLY hard not to hate you for your microclimate! I'll never forget the first time I had REAL citrus straight from a tree. I had no idea lemons were so sweet and wonderful. I was in high school and in San Jose for the Nationals in speech and debate (yes, there really is a national tournament for debate geeks and I really did earn a spot). Thank you to the San Jose Hiatt where we picked them to our heart's content.

    I've never had the chance to taste one since but I hear I can order a box of fresh citrus from various farms- every year I mean to do it but I never know when the 'season' is. Looks like it might be right now!

  20. Cindy, you just enjoy those mandarins! They look wonderful-hope they taste the same!!

  21. We are currently innundated with tangerines!

  22. Beauties! Thanks for sharing! I know my garden is buried in snow, but I also know spring's coming!

  23. Hi Cindy. Oh how sweet! Thank you for sharing those pictures with us. It's cold here in San Antonio but luckily we haven't had a freeze this year.

    You simply must tell us about the wheelbarrow incident....:)

    Deanna :)


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