Peach and Green

Many moons ago when I was in high school, by favorite color combination was peach and green. Hence, my junior prom dress was green, and my senior prom dress ended up being peach.

In my 20's, I still loved the color combination so much that I chose to do all my Christmas decorations in peach and green. My Christmas tree was decorated with off-white lacy things; gold ornaments; cream, peach, and pale green glass balls; and other girlie things.

Somewhere in my mid-20's, I switched my Christmas color scheme completely to embrace my new favorite color combination of plum, rose, and green. But deep down inside, if I see peach and green together it makes me happy.

When I was in the garden last week and saw the Abraham Darby rose blooming in front of the russet pink of the hydrangea, I took a photo of it. Little did I realize when I took the shot, that it was going to be peach and green--which I was very pleasantly surprised to discover when I was post-processing the shot.

I was so pleased that I decided to play with the shot and turn it into an art piece. So I combined the above photo with a sepia version of the texture below (it's a rock that's out in our garden):

Then I did some drawing with light and shadow on my digital tablet, and I eventually got a "colored pencil" piece that turned out like this:

I guess in a way, I've come back around to peach and green and Christmas time haven't I?
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  1. Cindy, Absolutely beautiful! You've created another lovely piece of art. Beautiful color combination... and one of my personal favorites. (Let's see... green and anything!)
    Love you,

  2. Gorgeous, as usual! I have always been a pink and green girl myself, to the point where my Chrismas decor has always been pink, green, and burgundy (or plum or maroon or whatever). I went with white lights on my tree since I didn't want red--this was 23 years ago, mind you, before it was all the rage. I have never gotten tired of it. I got my "The Gift" print in the mail today and it is beautiful and matted so nicely! Thank you so much!

  3. Oh, and based on the envelope for the note, I take it you are a Victoria Mag fan, too. I had ever issue from the first in, what? 1988 and then sold them all when I ran out of room in my garage. I'm sure you know it's back. I'm collecting them again!

  4. Absolutely gorgeous. Worthy of professional framing and all. (I can see it hanging in the temple.)

  5. Hi Cindy...I am so behind...I am feverishly trying to catch up with everyone...I noticed you closed your Etsy shop...boy I've missed a lot!!
    I hope all is well with you and yours...

  6. Ooo that is lovely. You made me laugh too about it coming full circle.

    Thank you so much for the parcel of goodies from your shop. They arrived this morning so I will blog them tomorrow. Laura will love those cherry cards. I haven't taken photos of anything yet- I wanted to thank you so much 1st. The rose print is beautiful. Everything is so well presented and wrapped. Thank you so much Cindy for your kindness and thoughtfulness.

  7. That's pretty amazing. I would have never thought to put those two photos together to come up with that lovely picture!

  8. Beautiful! I had a peach and green bedroom growing up- before it became a big 80's trend. I am also a HUGE fan of old-fashioned peach roses.

    My wedding colors were gold and cream BUT I couldn't settle for all-white flowers so my bouquet was all soft shades of pink, peach, cream and yellow with just a little hot pink to punch it up. Roses, tulips, gerberas. I love those soft pastels.

  9. Seriously, peach and green? You crazy chicken! Can't even imagine decorating in those colors... but I love them in nature. The shot is LOVELY! (Oh, and hey, I have to admit I am a woman who can rock peach. They think that girly girls wear pink, but it truly takes one who is secure in her girlyhood to feel confident in peach.)

  10. When you said the colour combo of peach and green, I couldn't imagine it, until I saw how you put the two together. Wondrous!

    One of my favorite colour combos is Mediterranean blue and white. But I could be smitten with your peach and green!

  11. Very nice. I like the colors and textures. You are very creative with the photos, keep up the good work.

  12. Wow, another outstanding image! You really have an amazing talent, girl!

  13. Amazing what you can do! Peach and green is such a great combination. An older sister of a childhood friend had peach and green as her wedding colours :)

  14. Hi Cindy
    My name is Deanna and I just read your post on my blog. I've had a very emotional night and realized how my life has linked to some very special people.

    I can't thank you enough for allowing my friends to create from your beautiful artwork, an award that they presented to me tonight. It's hard to receive.... so much easier to give. I'm at a loss as how to thank all of you for that award. The thought that went behind it is what tugs at my heartstrings.

    Isn't it amazing what friends do for friends? I am so blessed.

    Thank you Cindy. Many blessings to you.

    Deanna Nelson


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