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The above photographic art image (that I created this week) has an interesting story behind it that I thought I'd share along with the image...

I happened to be in the neighborhood of my husband's office on Tuesday (his office is about a 35-40 minute drive from our home). He hadn't expected me to be out and about, but was so excited that I was in the vicinity, he wanted me to drop by his office so he could see me (can you tell we're best friends?). He told me he only had just a "little bit more work to do", and then he was going to leave the office for the day.

Well, "a little bit" turned into "a lot bit" as I sat there in an extra chair feeling like a bored 5 year old. I had my camera with me, so I started looking around his office at what I could possibly use to do some experimental shots to pass the time. He has a cool little battery-powered desk clock that was a great candidate. Then I found little tidy cluster of artificial May Day flowers pinned on his bulletin board.

Hubby has a large shiny black metal office cabinet in the corner of his office (the only other piece of furniture besides his work surface). He doesn't have anything on the top shelf so that was just screaming to be used as my "studio".

I set up my still life on the empty shelf turned "studio" and with the fluorescent overhead office lighting as my only light source, I starting shooting. Imagine my surprise when I looked at the image in preview mode (I shoot with a Sony a100 DSLR), and the shots looked like they'd been shot in a studio!

I just love when "photographic serendipity" happens! This is how it looked...

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Well, I liked one shot so much that I wanted to turn it into a still life "painting". After I got home, I used the technology of Photoshop to add layers of textures. I also used my digital drawing tablet to add the painterly touches of light and shadow.

I'm learning that although there is some amazing technology out there, like Photoshop, it doesn't make a piece of art unless it is used in an artistic way akin to the same things I learned in art school before we had computers. With the digital tablet (a 12" Wacom Cintiq that feels like a sketchpad in my hands), I'm able to use the technology in the same way I do a brush, pen or pencil. The stylus feels so natural in my hand after all the years of producing art the traditional ways. It responds to my hand pressure and my hand stroke. I can finesse the painting out of a photograph that way. It wouldn't work with a mouse. And there's no "quick fix" to make it happen. I am still using the same techniques as I learned in art school. I'm just using new tools! So cool!

As my sister pointed out this week, I've discovered a new art form for myself. And, boy, am I having some fun!

Two of the three textures are from playingwithbrushes--
Old Hanky Box and Vintage Background for Portraits.
The third texture is from PhotoshopRoadmap.

This image is copyrighted.
Copying and/or distribution is strictly prohibited without express written permission.
If you want to use, ask me... I may just say yes. :-)

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  1. That is really lovely Cindy! It has a 'Dutch master' feel about it.

  2. So nice that you found something creative to occupy your time! You used it wisely. The photo is wonderful.

  3. Another gorgeous piece of art from a talented lady! Keep it up and you could have a whole 2009 calendar (keeping my finger crossed!)

  4. Cindy, Something I'm learning from you and other creatives is to bring the simple near-at-hand objects 'up close' to take a closer look..... a simple clock and a little cluster of flowers and the combo is stunning!

    I'll always remember when Ann Morrow Lindbergh, in her book 'A Gift from the Sea', talks about the handful of sea shells she had on her desk.... not every seashell on the beach, but the simplicity of the three or four she had selected allowed for space to 'breathe' and truly see....

    So thanks for the reminder to look more closely and see the beauty of what's already near at hand. Maybe it's also a reminder me to be content with what I already have??

  5. Cindy, I am so impressed with your photographic painting. What a wonderful thing to find a new medium for your expertise! I love this.

  6. I really love that combination of greys and blacks with the yellow. Both images are truly lovely!

  7. I just think you two are so sweet. I know this blog was about your photos, but I loved the little comment about how much you're best friends. That's what we all want pooky. Glad that you were able to find it sweety!

  8. I have issued an award for you over at my place.

  9. Beautiful piece Cindy. And, we did marry our best friends didn't we? I think they were, both, definitely worth the wait! ;)

  10. Very pretty and creative and way beyond my present talents.

  11. I like Sarah's comment. I think she's right on! I love to visit with you and Brent!
    And I'm glad when you found things somewhat tedious and uninteresting, you didn't start tossing the leftover chocolate Easter candies like someone else I could mention!!
    Love ya, Cindy. You're great!

  12. I love what you did to the photos--it's hard to believe those are fake flowers!

  13. Wonderful photograph.....how wonderful to have the talent to use modern technology.....and achieve a beautiful piect of art.......

  14. A simply stunning photo, Cindy! I love the contrast between the yellow and black. And a lovely comment about you and Brent being best friends!

    Hope everyone is well, hugs from Meg and cats xxx

  15. Beautiful Cindy. :-)I loved hearing the tale behind the art too.

    I've just "borrowed" how you copywrote your site. I was googling a yarn I had used and came across my exact phrasing on a site I had never hear of. The entire post had been taken by someone. Have emailed all addresses tackie hubby came up with. Shocking! Did you copywrite because of theft?

  16. The picture is lovely and trust you to find something creative and wonderful to do instead of being bored.
    Have a Happy and blessed Thanksgiving!

  17. How lovely. I have my wacom right in front of me, ready whenever I am...I love it.

  18. Cindy these are excellent artworks, and you are right sometimes unexpected can be perfect. Thanks for sharing your story, Anna :)


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