November Ladybugs

Ladybug Leapfrog

I passed the bougainvillea today and a wink of reddish-orange caught my eye. In the November sun, ladybugs had gathered to drink in its warmth... and play a little "leapfrog".

November Ladybug

Another ladybug was catching all the sun it could get atop a fennel blossom. For being late on a November afternoon, it was wonderfully warm. I ended up going out in the back garden and following this ladybug's example... except I chose the chaise lounge instead of the fennel to soak up the rays.
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  1. Hi Cindy, I haven't been visiting because I have changed my routine and mostly depend on my following list but you don't offer that option and I am always forgetting to go to my blogroll to read the blogs of those I don't follow. Anywho, I'm so glad I came to visit today--so much to see and read and enjoy and savor! This is a special blog. I love all the incredible photos and your inspiring wellness story and all the flower talk. (BTW, I think the reason your ancestor chose the kind of wimpy sad title was because it was the style at the time--loved the poem!)

  2. I so love ladybugs....even though every fall we get 100's here. They kind of cluster. Somehow a few always end up in the house every day. I gently pick them up and carry them outside.

  3. Lovely photos :) Last December we found a ladybug in our house. You wouldn't believe how excited my children were :)

  4. Oh.. i really like the colour in the top photo that pink and that golden yellow ochre. Very pretty Cindy/ Tyra

  5. I, too, have found ladybugs inside well into cold weather -- they're looking for a warm place to snuggle in, I'm sure. :) Great photos!

  6. Beautiful ladybirds. When I find one I put them on my roses to eat aphids. Good to hear you had some sunshine. Here it's ben a rainy day. I steamed cleaned the living room carpet so got a facial from it. LOL

  7. Hi Cindy, We've been invaded with lady bugs the last 2-3 years. I've also been told that they are Asian Beetles which look like lady bugs. We get hundreds of them.

  8. Aren't Ladybugs charming?
    When I was little I thought of them as kind of magical and that they would bring me good luck.
    Enjoy a great week soaking up the rays!!!

  9. Ladybugs are such magical little creatures. Cute, polka-dotted, and feminine. How many bugs can say that?

  10. Beautiful shots you captured of those welcome visitors to any garden! I won't be seeing any more of these special ladies until next summer I'm afraid. Thanks for sharing your visit.

  11. I love ladybugs and we've got lots of them here. Many of them right now are the Asian Lady Beetles, which are a nuisance, but we've got the traditional true red ones, too.

  12. Perky little bugs. Can't believe they are still around someplace in the world. But I still have those awful box elder bugs crawling around and dying in my house. Not nearly as charming.


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