Vintage Halloween

I've been having fun making my latest fine art photo creation. "Vintage Halloween" is a photograph that I took in an antique store of a display of some wonderful vintage and antique Halloween decorations and knick knacks. I loved the photograph so much that I decided to work with it, digitally enhance it, and make it look even more vintage to capture the essence of all the objects in the composition. I really like how it turned out.

Then I printed out some generous sized prints and constructed them into nice large-ish greeting cards by mounting each photo on the front of some autumnal beige cardstock with clear photo corners so the photos can be easily removed and framed. I photographed them so I could list them at my Etsy store.

I didn't know whether there would be much of an interest in larger prints of the photograph, but if anyone is interested I can print the photo in any size up to 13" x 19".

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  1. What a wonderful collection of vintage Halloween decor. Great photo Cindy!

  2. Very cool old decorations and knick-knacks.

  3. Cindy, So cute photo of these vintage Halloween decorations. You do such a lovely job.
    Love you,

  4. What a lovely collection of pumpkins! There is something so Tim Burton-esque about some of them. :-) You have such an eye.

  5. cindy,
    would you mind if I wrote something about your post here and put in your blog link. My theme this month at The Real Hollywood is Hollywood Screaming at Halloween. So anything Halloween is right for the blog.

  6. I would have been thrilled to get a photo op like that. You have captured a great shot, I love pumpkins, but I am not much of a halloweener. Keep those lovely shots coming.

  7. You did amazing things with the enhancements, Cindy! Wow!


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