The Thing by Lucy Maud

Last night, I was playing when all of a sudden I heard a sound...

I looked to see if it was what I thought it was...

It WAS! It was "the thing"...

I don't know what "the thing" is,
but I was very brave when it came out of the box...

"The thing" kept coming out and then going back in to hide in the box.
Sometimes I had to wait a long time for it to come out again.

Then "the thing" went into its box and wouldn't come out.
I tried touching the box with my paw to scare "the thing" out again.

My friend Suzette was nearby. I asked her, "What is that thing?"
She said, "I'll investigate."

I let her sit in my spot so she could wait for "the thing" to come out again.
And it DID!

Suzette was so fast. In a flash, she bit "the thing".
I heard Mommy say Suzette was like a cobra. I don't know what that is.
But it must be very brave because Suzette was very brave.

"The thing" went back in the box.
It must have been hurt but not dead because it came out again.
Suzette bit "the thing" again.

Then I heard Daddy tell Mommy he wasn't ready to switch over to blue ray yet.
After that "the thing" didn't come out of the box anymore.

Suzette said "the thing" went back into the box to die.
I think she's right because we waited and it didn't come out again.
I'm learning so much from my big kitty friend, Suzette.

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  1. Cindy,
    This post is too cute! I wish I could have seen this! I'll be you were laughing your head off! I love the cobra part!
    Love you,

  2. Thanks for sharing your kittie's story!!

  3. How funny! Those are two brave kitties!

  4. Isn't it fun what will amuse our cat-children? I have a massage pillow that I use on my back sometimes, and last night hubby had his feet on it on the floor. It was making a noise (as it always does) and Mungus decided there was something live in it. So he was doing the eggshell walk towards it, tail all fluffed, back hunched up like Lucy Maud's...and when hubby moved the pillow, Mungus LAUNCHED into the air about four feet! Too funny. And he was deeply insulted that we would laugh...

  5. What silly kitties you are.

    You were both very brave, our paws are crossed that you will eventually catch the thing.

    ~Socks, Scylla & Charybdis

  6. Love the the photos!

    Hugs Annie

  7. What a cute post Cindy, lol. Kitties are curious little creatures. My cat can sit for hours & play with a rubberband. ;)

  8. I'm pretty sure you pester your cats just like I pester my 5 year olds. Very amusing ain't it? I love trying to confuse or scare them....just a bit...

  9. Dear Lucy! I'm so glad the thing didn't hurt her! Silly girl.

    I'm with you on the weirdness in gardens. I have a pink camellia blooming!

  10. That is so cute. What funny girls!

  11. That's hillarious Cindy! You ought to write a book about their goings on. :-)

    Thank you for you kind remarks about the fluke photos of my daughter. I was amazed. I've no idea how my camera did it -I'm a point and click merchant! LOL

    She's going to use some of them for her art project theme of strawberries as she designed the costume.

  12. Awww, cute! I miss having a cat around. :(

  13. Lucy, I am glad you have a good mentor in Suzette to helpyou figure stuff out.

  14. That is hilarious! I loved your cat's photo essay :)

  15. I see concentration rules in your house! "Things" need to be watched at all times. And ... it's much more effective when there are two on the job!

  16. That was very cute. Looks like there's entertainment value in having a Blue Ray even if you don't watch anything on tv.

  17. Awe...Lucy is just the cutest, she makes me crazy with her crazy kitten ways sometimes. I think the next post should feature her "play tail"! The world needs to know what a silly little kitty she really is.

  18. Hi Cindy.... your kitties are way too cute! They made me smile.... thanks for sharing this lovely post...


  19. Way to go, Suzette! Put the bitey on those things enough, and they learn not to come back out while you're around.

  20. Your kitties are beautiful! And, they are brave, too. What wonderful children.

  21. Hi,

    My first time on your site. Loved your kitty photos and accompanying commentary. Funny thing, I just finished chatting about my own cat on my site. Too funny...I always marvel at the 'coincidence' of encounters.

    I'll be back. I just noticed you've got a posting on Lucy Maud... maybe we're kindred spirits, eh?


  22. These photos are priceless! Aren't the kitties fun to watch? Entertainment at its finest...and free! :) Your feline friends are adorable. We enjoy our 12 in the barn, and 2 in the house :)
    Your October blooms in the post below are gorgeous, and those 2 rose photos are spectacular. That purple is such a wonderful color!


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