A Morning Glory for Monday

I rested from lifting concrete blocks
In the shade of the lemon tree.
I heard a familiar screech above
And looked up into the deep blue sky.
Flying high above the turkey vultures
A hawk glided on the thermals
Of a warm October day.

by Cindy Iverson, October 20th 2008
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  1. That's a beautiful color for a flower that looks great even in white...

  2. What a nice poem and lovely photo if the Morning Glory talented women!
    Hope you are enjoying this neice weather in your parts of the woods.


  3. Got to say, you are so lucky to be planting any citrus trees at all. The only way we can grow them here is in a greenhouse. And to think, I want to move to a zone 5 area. The Okanagan gets frost already, and they get snow around Halloween. BRRRRRR.


  4. Cindy, We have the same morning glory.


  5. What a beautiful poem and lovely picture of the morning glory. I grew them when we lived in NJ and I loved looking at them every day!

  6. Lovely......really beautiful post.....

  7. What a beautiful photo Cindy. I love morning glories. Your kitties in the previous post are so CUTE!

  8. I do like purple morning glorys. Have you tried the red one Scarlet o'Hara?

  9. Very nice poem of yours, and the photo of the morning glory is excellent. Anna :)


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