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It's probably because I'm a late September baby that I love the colors of autumn so much--that and because I'm a redhead (with some white thrown in now thanks to age). So when autumn comes around, the colors and the light of the sun lower on the horizon make me enthusiastic about shooting photographs. Here are some of my favorites that I've recently formatted for release at my Etsy store...

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  1. You have selected some beautiful images......I am a spring baby but autumn is my favourite time of is the colours and the softness of the light.....the combination makes this a magical time of year.......

  2. Beautiful Cindy! I love the ladybug and golden leaves picture the best! Those are my colors!

  3. Lovely photos Cindy. Well done for spotting that ladybird on the yellow leaves.

  4. Pretty, pretty. I especially like the Cosmos photo.

  5. You're absolutely lovely gift of cards arrived in the mail last night. Thank you! Thank you! And the sentiments you included in your note are really beautiful. Thank you again. You are a generous woman I look forward to calling friend.

  6. As others have observed, these are just glorious, Cindy! I'm not feeling' the love for autumn just yet myself, but that's probably because I'm still waiting for summer. ;-(

  7. I popped in from A Glowing Ember. I love these. The Cosmo is my favorite. Who knew a simple white Cosmo could be so beautiful.

  8. Cindy your fall images are amazing. Thanks for sharing. Anna :)

  9. very beautiful, Cindy!! I love the colors you've captured!


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