Autumn Please Come Soon!

The past couple of weeks have been oppressively hot around here (hovering around 100 degrees F) which makes gardening a dangerous activity for me. Trust me... heat stroke is not pretty. So I've had to bide my time waiting for autumn's cool temps in my studio.

I am missing the garden so much that I did up a 2009 calendar called "Roses, Roses, Roses". Just looking at the photographs makes me yearn to go out and "play in the dirt" as I affectionately call my manual labor in the garden.

It doesn't help that I also watched the Hallmark Hall of Fame version of The Secret Garden with Hubby today. That just made it worse.

There's hope though. My weather-bug Hubby says a cooling trend is on the way this week so it won't be long before my summer hiatus from sledgehammering and digging will finally end. I have to do this every year, so you'd think I'd be used to it by now. But it never seems to get any easier to take 3 months off from something I love so much the other 9 months of the year.

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  1. Oh Cindy...your Rose-calendar is sooooo beautiful! Thanks for showing it...the photos are faboulus. Please send some heat to´s rainy and windy... almost autumn!

    Love Annie

  2. Hey Cindy, was the time on your comment correct? Were you really up at 1 am? Girl, you need to rest, or is it way too hot out?
    That calender is lovely. I think that the cover shot is one of your best! Beautiful. I am looking forward to seeing more of your work. Hope the weather breaks for you soon.

  3. That looks so pretty. I am so glad you have made this as I have admired your rose pics for so long. Now is there a twit proof place where I can look at all the goodies you are selling? Christmas is coming and all that. :-)

  4. Seriously 3 months is about all I can spend in the garden! Life gets hectic before and after summer, so I keep it to the no-school summer months. But I have enjoyed it! Your roses are be-utiful! I only I was a calendar person...makes me feel like I ought to be organized...and I don't like to set myself up for failure.

  5. Just want to say how seriously glad I am that I'm not in Sunny So CA anymore with the 6-months of summer. I love the fact that I have the normal 3 months here, and only a couple of weeks are TOO HOT! Love your beautiful photos, as usual!

  6. Hey Cindy; Love your Rose calender what beautiful roses. I love to get my hands in the dirt too, so when we have hot and humid days it is hard to go out and dig. I sure will miss it during the winter months.
    Have a great week. hope it cools off for you soon.


  7. Cindy, it just cooled off a little for us around here. I have been blessed with perfect gardening weather. I hope your area cools off soon.

  8. Have you considered emigration? ;-) You could move to the Netherlands and have Autumn for most of the year. Bear in mind though that all though we don't have temperatures of more than 100 F here, we do have rain, a lot of rain which also keeps you confined inside. And it rains during every season of the year here, sometimes for days on end.

    Gorgeous calender!

  9. I forgot: I do understand and feel your frustration though and wish you lots of happy sledgehammering and digging soon! :-)

  10. Hang in there ~ the cooler weather is here!!


  11. Beautiful calendar, wow, and wow for the heat. Anna :)


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