Things I'm Learning To Be A Grown Up Kitty ~~ by Lucy Maud

Being 10 1/2 months old, I'm learning lots of things everyday so I can be a grown up kitty. Here are some of the things I'm learning...

I'm learning that daytime is when big kitties sleep and
how it's one of the best time to do "fancy paws"...

I'm also learning that sleeping in some of my favorite places
is getting a little more difficult.
I remember this being much bigger.

I'm learning that big kitties love when Mommy brings in branches of
lemon verbena to sniff, to lick, and to munch...

but I still don't quite understand what the big fuss is over.

Thomasina is teaching me the art of the willful stare.
She says it's a must for big kitties.
She says, "Do it like this."

I think I'm getting it pretty good, don't you?

Well, maybe I need to work on the ears a bit more to get the "attitude".

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  1. Oh my Goodness...she is getting big!! Love the photos Cindy...very sweet Fur Babies!

  2. Oh, you are so cute. You will be all grown up in no time. ~Socks, Scylla & Charybdis

  3. How cute. I went right outside and cut some lemon verbena for tisha. She was not impressed.

  4. What a big girl and so pretty! This is a wonderful post :)


  5. She is really growing up. What a sweet post about your kitties.

  6. Lol, it must be the day to post about kitties ... I did one about mine too!

  7. Holy cat! I'VE FALLEN IN LOVE! Your kitty-people are darling! And Lucy Maud? She will be a heartbreaker, that lil' ball of fur! I'm absolutely SMILING!

  8. This is simply lovely...I just love kitties & your photos & the description is very beautiful....I think your kitty is a quick learner...wonderful!

  9. Lemon verbena when there's catnip to be had? Really what's up with that? We, the Bliss team, would really like to know. ;-)

    Oh Lucy Maud, crank up the attitude volume a few notches will you? Right now your look is too sweet.

    Lotsa purrrrrrrrrs from the Bliss team

  10. Oh wow-- you've got me with the kitties! And the garden photos are fabulous, too! :-)

  11. What a charmer she's growing up to be!

  12. Only the most hardened wouldn't enjoy these great kitty pictures. I didn't know cats liked lemon verbena! Catnip, catmint, and valerian, but I hadn't heard about lemon verbena. I love my cat, but I'm not sure how much I want to share: my lemon verbena's pretty small.

  13. This is so sweet. Love the big kitty. I am here catching up and I love your home!

  14. Oh man, I just love cats. Those are precious pictures. And your commnetary is perfect! Such sweet faces. I know that stare. Pepper has it perfected, even to the ears.

  15. Love this, I often see myself in my kids, we all learn from observing...

  16. What a precious post! Love this!

  17. Splendid, Lucy Maud! You are learning a skill that is so important when training your humans to do what you want, when you want it.

    Still, I think it always looks most effective when an all-black cat like Thomasina does it. Just two intense eyes staring out of the blackness...

  18. Hi Cindy, thanks for leaving messages on my blog.

    I haven't done much recently as I have been a bit down because with Smudge getting so ill (but is better now!), Jazz passing away and it has been a year since the last of the kittens left and I stopped fostering. Plus there have been a few issues between myself and my friend in Italy, it is always difficult when there are postal strikes etc.

    On a lighter note however, Bethany has got her GCSE results today and got mainly Cs and two Bs (the same as I got!!). So it has been a happier day today.
    Also, seven years ago tomorrow was when I got Tia. Lots of hugs and kisses coming her way tomorrow, although I suppose that is just like any other day really...haha.

    I apologise for not visiting any blogs lately. I have just felt like I have had nothing much going on. Seeing your messages really cheered me up, especially since I hadn't visited your blog, so thank you. I have been stitching something for Mum's birthday next month but obviously I can't post it until she has recieved it.

    All your cats are looking as cute as ever!! Lucy has grown so much! Talking of growing, our town parade was last weekend and I filmed it (once we get a wire to connect the video camera to the computer, I'll post it). I searched through the bag to find a fresh tape and I found four tapes; one of Rani when she was tiny, one of Kimmie and her kittens, one of another mum 'Honey' and her kittens and the fourth tape was of Ceri's cats, Tilly and Cooper when they were little. I showed Ceri as we hadn't seen it for ages and had forgotten about it. When she watched it back, she ended up crying and saying how cute they were/are. Hearing their high-pitched cries took me right back to last year and each time I walked into my room, I would be hit by a wave of squeaky "mews" and have kittens climbing up my legs. I said that it is strange seeing Tilly, Cooper and Rani as kittens because of how big they are now whereas with the other kittens, I will always know them as kittens and never as adults so it's not as strange watching their videos. They seem to grow so quick don't they?! Although even now that Rani is two and a half years old, she still acts like a naughty little kitten and is so funny to watch!

    It has been nice revisiting your blog again. I will try and come on the computer more often. Thank you for making me feel a whole lot better!

    All the best, from Meg and cats xxx
    P.S. Sorry for talking about myself a lot!

  19. Hi Cindy.... such a cute post! Cats always get all the fun.... :)

    Hope I'm not late to enter your give-away...


  20. What cute kitties! We have a black cat too...he is a little devil.


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