Tell me...

Tell me,
Little Missy Oreo
the wild garden kitty...

How do you get your nose so dirty
while your paws stay so white?

I know you patrol the gardens when I'm not there,
sniffing each corner and every twig to detect who's been there before.
Is that how your nose turns from pink to brown?

It can't be from sniffing the morning glories.
You probably can't even see how brilliant blue they are
or appreciate they're radiant transient beauty.
Most kitties wouldn't, I'm certain.

Is your nose getting filthy because you nap
in the shade of the watermelon-colored cannas
escaping from the heat of mid-day like all smart kitties do?
When you tuck your nose against the flagstones to block out the sun,
is that when your nose turns brown?

I know...
It probably gets dirty when you're rooting for the critters
that live in the nooks and crannies
of the stone planter boxes where the zucchini blooms and grows.

Did you catch anything today
like the lizard I witnessed you catch
last week in the blink of an eye?

Because your nose certainly looks like you did.

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  1. Beautiful! Adorable cat - so cute!

    Love ~Annie

  2. Your Oreo looks a lot like our Tisha.

  3. Cute and adorable Post. He looks like an Oreo!
    Your flora pictures are gorgeous as always!

  4. Very sweet. I love it when my cats come in with an orange nose full of pollen!

  5. Very cute story Cindy! lol Your Oreo is adorable. He has beautiful markings.

  6. Haha, Oreo reminds me of my Rani. Except that because Rani is black, when she has been doing something she shouldn't, her face turns grey/brown, full of hairs etc. Seeing the photos and hearing you talking about pink noses turning brown, it sent me back to when I had the last litter of kittens called Josh, Brook and Tucker. Tucker loved his food, so much so that he dived into the dish and most of the food covered his face instead of going in his mouth!! Haha! Cats are so funny aren't they!?!

    Beautiful flowers too, Cindy!

    Hope everyone is well, from Meg and cats xxx

  7. LOL - she looks so she is, I didn't poke my nose anywhere -

    Beautiful photos!

  8. So very cute! She is lovely. Bootsie sometimes comes in with petals and dust all over him. I would love to know what he has been up to.

  9. Awww! He looks like a Zorro kitty! Such a sweetie pie! Love your narrative, too, Cindy.


  10. Oreo is simply adorable! She doesn't look like she knows what your are talking about. Hmmmmmm.

  11. Your floral photos are just breathtaking, as usual!!

  12. what a wonder kitties are. love the blooming images.


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