A Peruvian Daffodil It Is!

Thanks to West Coast Island Gardener and Sylvia (in England) I now know that this little surprise in my garden is a peruvian daffodil!

Thank you both for helping me identify this exotic looking treasure. Like I said in the last post... I don't remember acquiring it or planting it. But it appears to have ended up in my garden all the same.

I'm sure the bulb was probably mixed in with a large lot of daffodil bulbs I got a year or two ago. That would explain it.

ADDENDUM: If you want to see a better photo of this lovely flower, head on over to Kylee's Our Little Acre.

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  1. Cindy, if I wasn't so behind in reading blogs, writing my blog, commenting on blogs, I could have told you that, too! I've had a couple of these for about three summers now, but here I have to bring them in for the winter. Mine just finished blooming yesterday and I actually show it on my Bloom Day post!

  2. Cindy, serendipity is finding an unexplained, exotic plant in your garden and then also finding out what it is! What a cool discovery!

    Nature is just fascinating, and so is international commerce! lol...
    Whoever sold you those daffodils unwittingly did you a favor!

  3. Don't you just love these fun surprises in the garden? What a pretty flower!

  4. While I was reading Our Little Acre's post I thought of you. I'm glad I saw you had commented. lol


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