Introducing "Hawaiian Rose"

Lately, I've been hard at work in the studio working on some mixed media art pieces that are taking a great deal of patience and concentration. This evening, I decided that I needed to take a bit of a break and begin to play around with Adobe Illustrator--a nemesis from my past that I am determined to conquer now once and for all.

I found a sketch of a graphic design that I'd done years ago--the motif of a craftsman-style rose. I had scanned in the sketch years ago and it had stayed in its sketched state until now.

Braving Illustrator and its "scary" vector drawing tools, I managed to convert the sketch into a clean and smooth one.

I then imported the graphic into Photoshop. Again, being brave, I started playing around with some of the techniques I've been learning with the Adobe Photoshop CS3 Classroom in a Book that I've been doing. I turned the crisp new rose graphic into a mask that I could apply to a recent photo I took of the "Raspberry Ice" bougainvillea.

Voile! The "Hawaiian Rose" was born!

It reminds me so much of a Hawaiian quilt block that I decided to feature the new design on some home accessories at the Rosehaven Cottage CafePress store. If you want to see what it looks like on the different home accessories currently available just click here.

That was a fun AND productive "break"... but I think I'll truly take a break now because my eyes are beginning to ache.

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  1. How creative! That is an interesting design.

  2. Cool design! And you have your own merchandise, which is cool as well.
    I kept that eye feeling a lot.

  3. Clever graphic of your hybrid rose. I enjoyed the Labyrinth created by the negative space of the bougainvillea-rose petals.


  4. Very Cool! Now I want to make it into a quilt.

  5. What a clever and talented lady you are. I love the rose photo. great job, now go and rest those eyes.


  6. Hi Cindy, wow! I wouldn't know where to begin to make that on the computer. I think I would applique the pieces on fabric way before I would be so brave as you. Well done it looks really good.

  7. wow, cool result Cindy! I think you should put it on more products.


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