The Garden: Up Close and Personal

Some days in the garden are days when I want to look at little details. Okay, maybe not just some days... most days, I do that. I am fascinated by the small things that are so beautiful because of their diminutive perfection.

So today's post is a photo post showing some of the small things I and my camera discovered in the garden...

A honeybee covered with pollen from the zucchini blossoms...

A star-shaped "Kinnow" mandarin blossom and a tiny round strawberry ready to be picked...

A hawk's feather fluttering in the breeze on the edge of a flagstone. Wonder if he misses it...

The texture and vibrance of a zucchini blossom...

And the "tongue" of a canna lily (it doesn't mean to be rude)...

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  1. Such marvelous photography, Cindy! I've been behind again in my reading so I'm playing catchup tonight a bit. I too love photos that others might not go looking for.

  2. Great photos Cindy! I love all the little details you discovered that we all take for granted in the garden sometimes.

  3. Super photos! (It must be that time of year, we have both done blogs on little things)...I love your bee on the courgette (as we say over here).

  4. Freeman Patterson calls it "the art of seeing" -- the camera can reveal many things we wouldn't normally catch. :) Great shots.

  5. Beautiful pics Cindy- having a camera has certainly made me start to look at the little details and even composition of shelves etc. so I see things differently and pay attention.

    I do like bees. :-)

  6. Beautiful photos, Cindy. I especially like the feather.

  7. Lovely shots, it certainly pays to look closely. I am enjoying all of them.

  8. Great photos! But, I especially like the one of the bee with the pollen on him.

  9. Cindy, you photos are beautiful, why do mine never turn out so clear and full of light and colour? You really have an eye for a good shot though and that can't be learned.

    You make me miss having a garden ... hopefully I will this time next year.


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