A Bit O' the Irish

No, I haven't doctored the color on this photo. This photo is "as shot". That's the real color of my Irish Creme rose. Isn't it "yummy"?

This rosebush went in last year and has been slower than most in growing and producing. After I purchased it I happened to notice the fine print that said it is a "cool weather rose". Oops! I had to find a cooler spot in the front garden for it where it's sheltered from the scorching heat of our summer afternoons and evenings. It is fairing better than I expected and this bloom is the first "true" bloom it has produced. I think it's a great specimen so I had to share it.

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  1. I was getting ready to start begging you for information regarding where to get one. You brought me to a screaching halt with cool area rose. Nope, won't work here. It sure is pretty.

  2. we just bought a few rose bushes this weekend. i wish they would have had this color! it's gorgeous!!


  3. Thank you for sharing it. It's gorgeous! I love the color...so soft and dark.

  4. How unusual. I can't decide whether this rose is a dusty gray peach, or a beigy Dreamsickle shade. I guess Irish Creme is probably the best description!

  5. Lovely unusual rose. I like the contrast with the foliage. how scented is it?

  6. What a delicate and beautiful color!

  7. Oh wow.... I'm in awe! Is that the name of your rose??? Never hear of that one, but it's surely beautiful... would love to add that rose to my garden collection...

    Thanks for vising my house in the roses....


  8. Have never seen such a beautiful rose like that!

  9. What a beautiful rose! Irish Creme, huh?

    I am back from my English adventure and will post after I get all my photos uploaded. But I wanted to pop over and see what you've been up to while I was gone.

  10. I wish I could grow that one here, but the summers are too hot I'm sure. It's gorgeous!

  11. It is beautiful! I looks like a vintage velvet rose. I love that color..

  12. Absolutely gorgeous. Is it called "Irish Creme"? Does it have a nice scent?


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