Big Tabby, Little Tabby

Well, guess who we found sitting together in the window (where I'd rather they not be)? That's Suzette (left) and Lucy Maud (right). Even though I wasn't happy about it, I was glad they stayed there long enough for me to take a photo so I could share it here for those of you that have been following Lucy's progress toward adult-cathood since December when she had her close shave with death. Even though Lucy is a bit blurry because she moved, this photo is a great side-by-side comparison of how little Lucy still is in comparison to most of the adult kitties.

For scale reference, the window that they are sitting in is 3 feet square. Lucy's head is about the size of a small lemon (I think that's the same size as our friend Daisy the Curly Cat). Suzette's head is the size of... well... you get the picture.

For those that want to review Lucy's progress over the past 7 months, just click on the label "Lucy" below (right under where you click to make a comment). That will make all the posts about Lucy will come up so you can read them.

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  1. I love your blog and when I was
    given the option to give out awards
    to my favorite blogs I chose yours.
    Please visit my site to collect your
    "Brillante Weblog 2008" award :)


  2. The kitties are adorable! Suzette looks as big as my Marvin - as big as a Tom cat! How much does Suzette weigh?

  3. Suzette weighs in somewhere around 16 lbs. She IS as big as a tom cat.


  4. I instantly thought of your blog
    for the award. I love reading your
    blog and wanted you to have it... don't need to post it or do all
    that stuff along with it...just know it
    was for you and the wonderful blog
    you have :)


  5. I'm enjoying your blog. I'm relatively new and haven't had time to go back and catch up on all the previous ones. Lucy Maud must be named after Lucy Maud Montgomery? Wonderful name choice.

  6. I think they both have very beautiful faces. Their eyes especially.. I wonder if they would make a good fabric applique subject?

  7. Maybe Lucy is just going to be a dainty cat. She gets more beautiful all the time. I loved the photos of all your beautiful cats!

  8. Lucy Maud is and adorable little thing and Suzette is gorgeous too. They look great together.

  9. They look very much alike, and it's a great photo in spite of her not quite entirely cooperating! :)

  10. You Lucy is such a darling,she is so cute.


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