Lucy Update

At about a week shy of 7 months old, Lucy went into heat on Sunday.

Unlike all our other kitties, Lucy's spay operation had to be put off for many months due to her fragile state early in life. Her harsh beginnings made it so she has battled wheeziness, itchy ears, and runny eyes for a large portion of her small little life. About a month ago, things started to clear up enough that we thought it was about time to make the appointment with the vet. However, she's such a skinny thing, we wanted to wait a little longer.

Well, on Sunday evening when she started uncharacteristically going around the house chortling and then performing "kitty arias" to anyone who'd listen, I knew she had gone into heat. None of the males in our home are intact so all her carrying on was for naught. She was particularly interested in gaining the attention of Tom Tom and "flirted" incessantly--rubbing and showing off her spotty leopard tummy.

The vet was called first thing Monday morning, and first thing Tuesday morning, little Lucy was off to the vet with Hubby at the wheel. Hubby reported that she was extremely well-behaved in her carrier with not a yowl or peep during the drive to the vet. Her operation went well and now she is back home in her carrier and rather groggy but still bright-eyed as usual.

Oh... before the surgery, Lucy got officially weighed at the vet. Lucy weighed in at 5.5 pounds! That's pretty good since at her last visit (when she was 8 weeks old) she weighed in at 1.5 pounds. She's the most petite cat we have... and the spunkiest.

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  1. I have followed Lucy Maud's story (and enjoyed her lovely blog entries) since you got her, and I have such a soft spot in my heart for your little girl! I hope she has a speedy recovery and is up and about very soon. My 2 kitties and I send our best. :)

    Melissa C.

  2. Lucy is very petite! It sounds like she is growing up. I hope the "ladygardenectomy" goes well (that's cat-speak for spay).

  3. She is so cute. Aaw, she's nearly an adult...time has just flown by and Lucy has grown just as quick. She is very pretty little cat and she is lucky to have such a lovely owner.
    All our cats are spayed and neutered too but we have only saw Misty on heat just before she was going to be spayed when she was about 6 months old and because she was only our second cat, we didn't know what the matter was with her. We thought she was ill! But the vet asured us that she was just in heat and was otherwise fine.
    Does Lucy have to wear a protective cone on her head to stop her touching the stitches? Rani had to have one when she was spayed and she kept walking backwards trying to get it off! Haha. I always feel sorry for them when they are still groggy because they're all floppy and then wobbly when they start trying to walk.
    As always, your blog is a pleasure to read. All the best, from Meg and cats xxx

  4. Our little girl is growing up :-| I can't wait 'til she's back to her old spunky self, meowing at me to play "flyer" with her; jumping 4 feet in the air to try and catch the toy; and the list goes on.


  5. She's a beauty!

    My tiniest one is the firecracker, too!

  6. I'm glad the spaying went well, Cindy.

    Lucy has the most beautiful and lovable little kitty face! I just want to pick her up and give her a hug!

    Thanks to you, she is doing well!

  7. Lucy is just the most adorable cat! She just keeps getting cuter and cuter.

  8. Lucy, you're just in jr high school. Don't go messing with those older boys.

    Lucy is definitely a sweetie!

  9. I'm glad Lucy is doing well! There's no mistaking that 'song' they sing when they're in heat, is there?

  10. Small cats usually turn out to be the spunkiest of them all. What they lack in size they make up for in temperament. I'm glad that everything went well with her op and that little Lucy can now live a carefree life without all those calling sessions that kitties in the wild have to go through.

    Lots of purrs and hugs for Lucy from the Bliss team!


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