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Kate at Our Red House tagged me to share the views from the front door and back door of Rosehaven Cottage. She mentioned that when she was tagged she felt a bit embarrassed to show her "ordinary" views in comparison to the person who tagged her. Well, I have to say that I was feeling the same way (which is why I didn't post these earlier).

But I'm being brave and posting the two views anyway.

Front Door View

The shade in this photo (sorry about that) is because the front our house faces east-southeast and unless I photograph on a cloudy day the light shining right in the lenses or the house is casting a shadow across half of the front garden.

Anyway, the gently curving path is lined by assorted rocks that I found in a pile that was buried under composed fallen leaves in our back garden when we first moved here. The previous owner had been a rock collector, and I found his rock pile! It was a wonderful find.

The path is pea gravel so it's nice and crunchy when we walk on it to go and get the mail from the mailbox that sits under the pergola tucked in the vines of the Red Japanese Honeysuckle on the right. Our Princess Diana Bower Vine grows up the left side.

Incidentally, both vines came with us from our apartment patio in pots when we moved here. The pergola and picket fence were already here with just bare dirt for a front garden. I knew the vines would be perfect next to the pergola. It was like the house was just sitting here waiting for us and our transplants.

Back Door View

The back of our house faces slightly west-northwest. The only door to the back garden is on the southern end of the house so the view from the back door is only of the flagstone leading up to the fish pond. We will be doing more construction of a deck over the next year or so which is why there is an expanse of sand and dirt before the flagstones. The deck will help connect the house visually with the back garden. We are really looking forward to the day when our contractor tells us its our turn in his queue. You see, good contractors are hard to find and good ones have long waiting lists. After almost 8 years of hard lessons in renovation and remodeling, we're perfectly willing to patiently wait for a good one.

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  1. It's hard to try to place other peoples' gardens in their layout when we only get a flat picture and a tidbut here and there. Thanks for these shots.

  2. I so understand! We have been here three years and are just now getting around to the outside of our home...Your's is looking wonderful!


  3. Thank you so much for joining in and sharing your pictures. I love the outlook from your front door and that gravel path lined with rocks.


  4. I love your gardens! All that you've done is so inviting!

  5. I hear you on internet/computer problems, Cindy. Mine has been lack of Internet service at decent speed--so I've spent my online time doing mostly work rather than visiting. That will be rectified soon...Hope all is well with you! :-)


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