What is Everyone Looking At? ~~by Lucy Maud

Today there was a lot of peeping and chirping outside Mommy's studio window. All the peeping and chirping was making all the big kitties chatter and chirp too. They were all staring. I'm small so I got to be in front of all the taller kitties. It was very exciting to see what was making all the noise.

My friend Thomasina can do a very fancy acrobatic move and jump up on the middle of the window. She was able to get a better look then me because she was higher.

When I tried to jump up with Thomasina, she got mad and did what Mommy and Daddy call her "Tasmanian Devil" impersonation. I don't know what that is, but I make her do that a lot.

But she still loves me (as long as I don't bite her feet).

Mommy was even watching all the chirping and peeping outside the window. Mommy likes to watch through that big black thing with one eye. Sometimes it's more interesting than what I'm looking at.

Mommy said my name and I turned around to see what she wanted. I'm pretty smart because I know my name is Lucy. When Mommy or Daddy say my name, I come to see what they want even if I'm having a great time looking at something else.

Oh yeah... I almost forgot... I was looking at something outside the window wasn't I?

I wonder what it is that's making all that noise and makes my whiskers quiver...

My friend Dee Dee says that it's called a bird. She even let me stand up in front of her at the window to get a really good look.

And the bird had something in its mouth. It would sit for a while and then disappear into a hole and LOTS of peeping would happen. Then when it came out again, it didn't have anything left in its mouth. It did this again and again.

Dee Dee says that we are "birdwatching". I like birdwatching.

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  1. Lucy, you have very beautiful big eyes. And you are very smart to know your name already!

    I agree with you that watching birds is very fascinating.

  2. Yes, the catchildren here also think birdwatching is a very very good activity to take part in. Just don't jump at the window, Lucy....it won't be pleasant.

  3. very cute =) i had a black cat once and it caught a yellow bird that landed in our backyard. just stay inside lucy =)

  4. Too funny and you are a clever girl! You know, our inside cats get excited when they see a bird, but chirping does nothing for them. Maybe because they've always been inside since they were very small?

    Lucy has the most adorable eyes!

  5. Cindy, I just tagged you.


  6. Oh, Lucy, my girls love bird watching too as well as squirrel watching. Lucy, you are just way too cute!

  7. Dear Lucy Maud,
    Thank you for telling me about the 'birds' at your house. I think birdwatching is fun, too, especially from the window. Right now we have very little birds flying around; they are called hummingbirds. Do you ever see those?
    Love Willow

  8. Very cute that is just what my Muffin has been doing.Gazing out the door and windows.

  9. At Bliss all the kitties enjoy live bird tv which is on for most of the day. ;-) It's nice to see how well Lucy is doing. I love the expression in her eyes; so very sweet!

  10. I love love love all the kitties :)
    I would find it hard to choose a favourite...

    We have one of our own and three I look after who choose to live in our barn, though their actual owner lives nearby :)

  11. What adorable pictures!

    So glad I'm finally back. I've got lots of catching up at Rosehaven Cottage!

  12. Oh, what sweet friends you have. thanks for sharing them :0)

    p.s. I have four friends of my own that just looooooooooove "birdwatching" out the front window.

  13. Lol ... what a lovely cat.
    I have one that I call "Meu Meu" because of the way he follows me and talks.
    In the other day he rip apart some bags full of cloth and toke every peace to the top of the bed.

    I am wondering if it is influence of the dogs ...


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