Mute Monday Montage of What's Blooming in the Garden Right Now

Click on any of the images below to see the photo larger

Above left: Dutch iris
Above center: Nasturtiums
Above right: Lantana

Above top left: Pink Weigela
Above top right: Purple tulips
Above bottom left: Golden Pacific Coast Native iris
Above bottom right: Pink Jasmine

Above top left: Lilac
Above top right: Cecile Bruner Rose
Above bottom left: Camomile blossoms
Above bottom right: Lilac

Above top left: Blue Dutch Iris
Above top right: Eureka Lemon blossom
Above bottom: First Cherry Parfait Rose of 2008
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  1. Oh so lovely! Thanks for sharing your beauty with us. I love the shy little pink rose peeking from behind her green leaves.

  2. Oh, I think my favorite this time are the purple tulips!

    Guess what? I am writing today about "Gorilla Nose" because I learned that term from you!

  3. Oh how wonderful these are! I assume all this stuff is in bloom already? Makes my few little blossoms look pretty meek and mild by comparison.

    I hope all is well, Cindy, and that you're just busy, not ill. Dexter (rescue kitty) is settling in well and seems to have bonded to me, though he and the rest of the catchildren aren't too sure about each other....

  4. I love the Dutch irises and the native one. Beautiful photos, as usual, Cindy!!

  5. Cindy, and what can I say, these are beautiful. Anna :)

  6. Gosh! You have the most wonderful colour in the garden already..whereas our Spring can't quite make up its mind whether to come or not...sun-good, then more snow-not so good :)

  7. Every time I visit your blog I feel refreshed. The flowers are lovely, and the changes to your blog fabulous. Just loe the look.

  8. The lilacs are blooming? How beautiful. I just love lilacs. They smell divine.

  9. Love that Dutch Iris (I would, wouldn't I?) and you have weigelia in flower already I see, wonderful. Lovely pics Cindy, did you pick a few Lilacs to take inside with you? They smell so nice!

    Have a lovely weekend!

  10. So pretty. I love spring flowers.


  11. How beautiful they all are, Cindy! I've never seen the Pacific Coast Iris before!


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