Houston, The Shed Has Landed!!!!

Well, it's time for a garden update.

In a previous post I wrote about my sledgehammering activities and how I was building a well-draining foundation for a new shed kit that we were going to put in on at the back of the garden.

I also wrote in a more recent post about my installation of the pea gravel into drainage trenches as well as the foundation pictured at left.

After all of that hammering and hauling it finally came time to construct the shed kit that we had purchased last year to go in this spot. The kit had been sitting under tarps during the rainy season, so there were some interesting critters when we uncovered it prior to construction. Some of the corrugated cardboard from the shipping container had deteroriated enough that an large earthworm family had decided to take up residence. They were relocated to one of the veggie planters. And a small Pacific tree frog had also decided the cardboard container was a good home. The frog was gently escorted to a nice sheltered spot next to the pond under some gazanias.

The shed kit was not easy to construct due to a set of instructions that mostly devoid of words and only used graphic illustrations and photographs for guidance. And quality assurance isn't all that great in anything nowadays so some of the parts needed some "coaxing" to fit together. But after two successive evenings of Hubby patiently tolerating my inability to "play well with others" when it comes to doing a joing project, the shed was finally up!

Drumrolll please...


Hubby went out the following evening and screwed in all the final screws that hold everything down. I still have yet to go out and position my shelves and hangers on the walls. I'm just happy it is done! It's petite 6x8 foot dimensions are so much more appropriate for the space than the 20x20 foot monstrosity that was there before and, thanks to wood rot and termites, was basically a safety hazard. Don't have to worry about termites with this new little number! It's all plastic. And it has a skylight along the "ridgepole" of the roof and two little windows on the sides to let in natural light so it isn't a dungeon. It even has venting on the front and back. Tucked under the big oleander it shouldn't be too sauna-like in the heat of the summer (at least I hope).

So here are some more views of the new shed that now sits nestled at the back of the garden in back of the pond, the plum tree, the pomegranate, and the Eureka lemon tree. The photos below were taken yesterday (yes, in our neck of the woods this is what it looks like in April).

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  1. Boy, you guys are certainly clever! Who needs words anyway? They would have been in Japanese or Spanish anyway!!

    It looks great.

  2. What an accomplishment!! Love your shed and it nestles perfectly in your garden...
    ps come visit me, I am having my 200th post giveaway now thru Monday..

  3. Cindy:
    It was fun to come see it first hand today. Your pond and garden are quite beautiful. I especially love the Dutch iris, with their vibrant blue and violet colors. You are truly an artist on many levels. Love, Mom

  4. Hey Woman - the LDSBlogs Webring code is off your page. Did you no longer want to be a part of our community?

  5. Your place looks so lush! Very nice shed with the sky lights and air vents. That is going to be so good to have. Wish I had one, then maybe we could get the car into the garage!


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