Spring Sunday Smorgasboard

The weather has been so gorgeous this past week that tree, flowers, and bushes are budding and blossoming all over the garden. It's so wonderful, I had to stop my garden renovation activities earlier this week, get the camera, and just take some photographs of it all.

The lilac hibiscus is blooming for the first time in two years. I thought I'd lost it in the winter of 2006-2007 to a nasty freeze. I'm happy that it's come back with its amazing blue-purple blossoms.

The My Fifi rose just went in January/February rose planting of 2007, but it's already very established. Unlike the other roses, it didn't lose its foliage this winter. The small, dark, and glossy leaves stayed rust and mildew free all winter.

The pink mystery rose never stopped producing blooms all winter so I thought there would be a lull for a while this spring before there were more blooms. I guess I was wrong.

And finally, the first freesia has bloomed! Hubby loves the freesia fragrance best of all the flowers so I always called them "his freesia". These are for you, Sweetie!

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Frances, said...

Great photos, Cindy. I really am interested in Fifi! Those little leaves are lovely. We can't overwinter freesias here, but I love their scent. Lucky Hubby!

Frances at Faire Garden

Crafty Gardener said...

Beautiful photos, especially for me when I'm snowed under with snow.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Cindy ... can you imagine how jealous I am of you right now ???
Under the great white north iceberg ? LOL
Great pictures !

Daisy said...

I have never, ever seen a lilac hibiscus before. It is so beautiful! We have regular red hibiscus at my house.

Claire Splan said...

I agree with your husband--freesia do have the best fragrance! I look forward to them every year.

Jenty said...

What gorgeous freesias! And I love spring blossom pics, very pretty.

Holly said...

Gorgeous. I am so ready for spring. I miss flowers!

Brenda said...

I want a water garden. We went to the patio and flower show this weekend. I just don,t know where to start.

Kari & Kijsa said...

Beautiful! Come on over and leave this post (or another filled with spring fun!) link to share a bit of spring and wash away those winter blues!

kari & kijsa

Michelle said...

Springtime! Yippee..great photographs :)


BittersweetPunkin said...

I love looking at your Blossoms...its still so dark and gloomy here....
Enjoy your Spring!

Mickey said...

What beautiful flowers ! It lets me know that Spring really is coming!! I can even see daffodils peeking up through the ground :)

Sky said...

these photos are just magnificent! we are loving our spring, too! each day my heart begins to beat faster as i explore the gardens and find new blooms opening. i can hardly wait for the spring gardens to be in full bloom - just a few more weeks. i am like a junkie waiting for a flower fix! ;)

RE: dating the blog entries

maybe your blog template doesn't have the coding in it for the date of the posts. perhaps the coding is missing a closing tag or something - some piece of html coding which has rendered the date inoperable at the moment? have you looked at the html coding on your template regarding the date or checked out a template that has the date and compared it to coding in your template?

Anna said...

Cindy this is really beautiful flower collection, so refreshing to see them. Thanks for sharing, Anna :)

kate said...

The pink mystery rose is beautiful. I love its delicate colour. I can't imagine growing Freesia in the garden. How cool is that!

Catherine Holman said...

You're making me jealous! I've only got a few tulips peaking through the soil. I sure am ready for warm weather. Love your garden!

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