I'm A Princess by Lucy Maud

I have decided that I am a kitten princess and everything around me is my kingdom.

I figured out how to make Mommy's fancy pillow lay flat so I could lay on it. If I scramble and play around the bottom of it and push on it with my paws or pull on the tassels, it lays flat for me. Then I climb on it and curl up on the velvety soft part so I look very royal. The tassles make this pillow very special and regal looking--perfect for a kitten princess to lay on. And they're fun for playing with even though Mommy scowls at me when I do it.

None of the big kitties do this, so I must be special to have figured it out. That must mean I have royal brains just right for ruling my kingdom. I think all the big kitties are my subjects. Whenever I want them to leave a warm spot I tell them I want it by biting them on the neck. They obey me and leave so I can have the warm spot. That MUST mean that I am their ruler.

Being a kitten princess is very hard work that makes me tired and kinda sleepy. Good thing I'm on my royal pillow because it's also good for napping.

Doesn't the green of my royal pillow look lovely next to my royal spots and stripes? I am an exotic looking kitten princess. On my royal pillow, I can even look fancy, exotic, and royally lovely while I'm sleeping!

I heard that all royalty have distinct and noble profiles. I think my profile is very noble. I also heard that in Egypt cats were pretty special. I think my profile looks like one of those special Egyptian kitties. That MUST make me a princess!

Okay, I'm tired. I need to take my royal nap now.

The End

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  1. We'd agree, your profile is very noble and regal!

  2. Oh that's so sweet! what a special little cat.

  3. Gotta' LUV the princess !
    Sophie (Queen upon turning two soon) may have competition in "ruler" of the house title ?
    I am a cat person and could see posts like this all day .. haha
    Thanks !

  4. Well yes of COURSE she's a princess. Isn't it obvious? And how nice of her mummy to make her such lovely pillows to rest on...the catchildren approve though they like silk the best, please.

  5. What is not mentioned by our little "princess" is that she loves to curl up on one's neck or face and have a lengthy nap; the biting of the chin also frequently accompanies this napping ritual, what a delight. Is that royal behaviour? (notice the "royal" spelling)

    - hubby

  6. So pretty.. I miss my grey kitty.

  7. Cute post, Cindy, and I could fall in love with her, she's so darn adorbable!

  8. What a beauty!!

  9. And all of us out in blogland are your loyal royal subjects.

  10. That's a lovely post! Give my regards to the Princess!
    /Katarina at Roses and stuff

  11. I think the Princess has a grand scheme to become Queen! And it won't be long.

  12. Your "Highness" is just so beautiful!!!

  13. Oh, Lucy, you do look very royal! Mastering curling up on your fancy pillow with tassels is the most important part of being royalty. Now you just need a tiara and scepter!

  14. Cindy, Lucy is a real princess now. Great photo collection, Anna :)

  15. We all bow down to the royal princess kitty Lucy Maud, who rules supreme in her princessdom in a country far, far away!

    Greetings, oh she of the noble profile!

    The Bliss team

  16. Dear Lucy Maud,

    Perhaps you would like to come and visit us some time. We have special "nests" that we make in the down comforter. We get very warm and comfy and then our Mom can't make the bed. Sometimes our sister Sophie(the shy one) joins us and then Calvin our gray older brother jumps up too. If Mom gets the bed made she rolls the comforter into a big cloud at the end of the bed. That is heavenly too!

    Cooper and Chloe aka The Black Babies ( silly, cuz we are almost 6 years old!)

  17. Miss Lucy,

    You've come a long way!


  18. Haha! She looks like Queen of the Manor now! I can't tell you how nice it has been to see her story right from the beginning. To see Lucy now, I would never have guessed that she was almost at death's door when she first came to you. You should be extremely proud:) And it is clear she has a whole host of fans! Good on you Lucy!
    All the best, from Meg and cats xxx

  19. Lucy Maud is a gorgeous kitty and definitely royalty! I love these photographs of her.

  20. . . something tells me you'll be keeping her! . .

  21. Very CUTE post Cindy! Yes...I think she is a Princess indeed.......

  22. I see Lucy is proceeding according to her plan, launched several months ago. She's an expert! And charming as all get out. :-)


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