Breakfast for Dinner

The other evening, Hubby turned to me and said, "I feel like having breakfast for dinner. How would that be for a blog title?"


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  1. mouth is just watering now...not a bad choice for dinner!

  2. Yes! It is wonderful. I love waffles. I want a heart shaped waffle maker!

  3. I'm so hungry! How long would it take me to get to that restaurant??


  4. That's the best time to have breakfast! Hugs, Cathie

  5. Love the pancakes ,they are Beth's favourite she sometimes makes them for supper,doesn't matter what time of day you have them they are still yummy!
    Love from kathyann and the girls

  6. Oh I love pancakes, your breakfast idea sounds good, lol, eggs and toast is my favorite too. Oh boy now I am getting really hungry, even though I just had my afternoon snack, the grapefruit, lol. Thanks for sharing those tasty photos Cindy, Anna :)


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