Views of Winter at Rosehaven Cottage

The New Year brought with it nature's fury. Right now the West Coast of the U.S. is getting pummeled with what the Weather Channel is calling "the monster storm".

However, just a few days ago when it was lovely and sunny, I took some time out of my sledgehammering and flinging of concrete (getting ready for the storm) to photograph some of the little winter vignettes that are around the Rosehaven Cottage gardens. Just prepping the photos for this post, made the storm outside seem to go away and brought the sunshine back.

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  1. You are a fantastic photographer. Your photos are a joy to look at. I wish I had your skill.


  2. Have you guys had any flooding or loss of power? Mom said they were really worried about landslides in Southern California, but I'm remembering how Guerneville always got so nailed. I hope you're not too waterlogged!

  3. And peaceful vignettes they are.

    Are you up to your neck in snow by
    now? Hope not...

    You're right, this storm is on the news a lot.

  4. Thankfully, we only very, very rarely get snow at sea level on the west coast (where Rosehaven Cottage is situated), and only a dusting that melts almost immediately. Last one was in 1999.

    - Hubby

  5. A lot of beautiful photos lately! I love your roses! I took a photo of a rose in my garden 30.Des, In the west coast of Norway! It's on my blog.

    I wish you a happy new year :)

  6. I have really enjoyed my visit to RoseHaven Cottage with your beautiful photography and interesting articles.

  7. Thank you so much for sharing your rain with us. It's raining right now at Willow's Cottage. It's grey, damp and dark. But we do need the rain so I must be thankful for it. The Professor and I managed to get a nice neighborhood walk in between cloudbursts. We are also thankful the temperatures are not in the teens like they were in Michigan!

  8. We here on the very east coast heard there was nasty weather happening on the west coast, so I hope you're all high and dry, so to speak. Guess this is going to be the winter of much storms...of course, this past weekend is also 10 years since the great Ice Storm that bashed Quebec, Ontario, and us in the Maritimes to a lesser extent. We can never take Nature for granted, can we?

  9. I hope that storm didn't give you wet feet! I used to live near the coast too and know how bad storms can get over there. Lovely pics Cindy, your winter looks very autumn-y to me. ;-)

  10. Hi Cindy!

    Love your winter photos!

    Siobhan xo


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