Our Trip to Portland, Oregon (Part 1)

Last week Hubby and I went on a business trip to Portland, Oregon. We fly up from the San Francisco Bay Area on an early morning Alaska Airlines flight (can you say "4:15 a.m. alarms should be outlawed?").

Once we deplaned and got our rental car, we drove in to downtown Portland to the Westin where we would be staying (thanks to Hubby's company). As I waited for Hubby to get our accommodations settled and have the car parked by the valets, I got to sit in the opulent first floor lounge of the Westin. Of course I took photographs so I could share. The colors were rich and plush--navy, beige, rust, and deep red. The fire in the fireplace was a welcome sight after entering from the sunny but chilly 31°F morning outside. I just sat down on the plush settee and enjoyed the luxury. Ahhhhhh...

After snapping the above photos, I let myself sink back into the plush settee cushions, and I looked up. Oh my goodness! Imagine my sheer delight when I looked up to see this...

I immediately thought of all my talented blogging friends that could probably have painted this ceiling! After I snapped the above photo, I just sat back and stared.

Despite our quite early arrival, the Westin was able to accommodate us and get us right into our room. Thank goodness, because I was bushed, and Hubby needed to connect up his laptop to take a conference call.

Click here to read about where we dined for lunch after resting for a bit in our hotel room.

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  1. How fun to get away, even if it was for business!

  2. What a beautiful place and the Daily Grill sounds like the perfect spot to relax and enjoy a delicious meal. Did you get a chance to do any sight seeing? Linda

  3. Wowww....this is truly very beautiful interior!

  4. The hotel looks charming - the ceiling is quite something! Did you get to see much of Portland? I've always wanted to go there.

  5. What a gorgeous looking hotel!

  6. Portland has so many sights to see - sounds like fun!


  7. I have said "wow" to quite a few people today, so here's another one...WOW! That is gorgeous! I wish I could paint like that! Mum and my sisters are good at painting. I'm not so I think I will stick to crocheting and stitching:)
    Hope you had fun and didn't work too hard!:)
    From Meg and the cats xxx

  8. Cindy, business trip yet fun. Cool photos. Thanks for sharing, Anna :)

  9. My eldest sister visited Portland OR three months ago. She wants to move out there. Not long after there were those torrential rains. Did you like it there?

  10. I'm a Portland native! (Now living as a Californian) When I was a girl my friend and I would go downtown every Sat, hang out and shop and eat lunch in one of our favorite spots. Even now, when I visit I love to walk around downtown, stroll through the Pearl District and check out NW 23rd St. I hope you had a chance to visit those places. Oh! And Powell's Book Store.

  11. What a lovely place to stay,lucky you!So elegant and plush,gorgeous painted ceilings everything about that hotel sounded so fabulous,glad you enjoyed your trip and thanks for showing us the pictures!Love from Kathyann and the girls

  12. Yummy... Beef, it's what for dinner! (I couldn't get this to go on the other page, the word verification icon was broken)


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