The Most Recent Recipient of the Rose Medallion

The "Rose Medallion" is given by us at Rosehaven Cottage to blogs that we find to be of exceptional merit in design and content. The blogs given this honor are those that we have found particular enjoyment, inspiration, and/or insight(s) in reading--blogs that have exhibited a passion for living.

This week we are honoring Jodi DeLong at bloomingwriter. Jodi is a freelance writer that has brought her passion for gardening and sprinkled its seeds in blog form so anyone in the world can visit and be enriched by her wealth of garden knowledge, her passion for gardening and the written word, and her infectious personality that simply glows through her blog. We have subscribed to her blog so we don't miss one post! We recommend that you do the same.

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  1. good choice...blessings today, rebecca

  2. Yay! I'm so glad to see you awarded this to Jodi. I feel fortunate to count Jodi as a mentor and a friend, as do many of us in the blogosphere. She's pretty special!

  3. Excellent choice Cindy! Jodi truly deserves it. I love her blog!

    BTW how is little Lucie doing?

  4. Thanks for turning me on to Jodi's blog. It's definitely Award-Worthy.

  5. Jodi is the best! Great photos, great text and the personal touch!

  6. Cindy, Great choice and what a great blog! I'm so ready to start gardening. You are so lucky to live where you can do this year round! I do think I'd miss the snow though.

  7. Jodi is so deserving of this award and I thank you for recognizing her valuable contribution to the world of garden blogging.

  8. Yes,
    I agree Jodi is an excellent choice for this award, she is a great writer, publishes great pictures and posts nice shopping webpages to visit...
    cheers from Canada


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