January's "illness"

It's happening like it always does.

January rolls in with its short days that still aren't long enough for my taste. The fog and marine layer of clouds hang like a grey blanket that doesn't leave for days on end. The air is heavy with humidity making the 50 degree high for the day just not warm enough at all and leaving a chill in my bones. The annual rains come to make our hills their lovely winter green that tempts and teases the sun-loving gardener's soul even though I know that more frosty nights are on the way.

And that's when it happens.

I get Hawaii Fever.

It's a sickness that one only gets if one has been to Hawaii. So those who haven't been "exposed" need not fear.

Symptoms of Hawaii Fever include but are not limited to:

  • Repeated Hawaiian music playing in one's head throughout the day.

  • Nightdreams or daydreams about being in Hawaii, laying in a hammock in the warm tropical sun, breathing in the heavenly scented mixture of plumeria and sunscreen, with the sound of waves crashing onto a coral-lined shore.

  • Sitting in front of a computer screen staring at photos from past visit(s) to Hawaii that "exposed" one to the sickness in the first place.

  • Frantic late-night searching of the internet for airfare deals to a major Hawaiian airport.

  • Repeated calculation of frequent flier miles against the airline reward chart.

  • Bargaining with one's spouse to try and justify the expense of a trip to Hawaii as "business".

  • Symptoms of advanced stages of Hawaii Fever include but are not limited to:

  • Giving up on bargaining and secretly plotting to pack one's bags and just head to the airport with credit card in hand.

  • Mentally rearranging one's calendar in order to accomodate spending the entire month of January in Hawaii.

  • Writing a blog post about having Hawaii Fever and directing others to look at one's photos from past visit(s) to Hawaii.

  • Yup, I've got Hawaii Fever--just like I do this time every year.

    Don't worry.

    It isn't fatal... even though it feels like it sometimes. ;)

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    1. I know you all probably think that we're your friendly (Internet) neighborhood California whiners who are so used to having endless sunny days...(hey, that's Southern CA) but living here in Northern California, and only a few miles from the coast, we get a marine cloud deck for a good portion of the year and sometimes relentless ground (or radiation) fog for days or even weeks on end. So a little complaining is therapeutic at times, otherwise we'll sit at home and eat cookie dough until we're in a coma or so unhealthy we can't leave the house without someone calling an ambulance.

    2. You know we Californians have thin blood. That's why we whine and complain about the cold temperatures of 45 and 60 degrees. After my turn around trip to Detroit during which I manage to hit the COLDEST day MI has had so far this winter, I vowed to not complain any more this season. That lasted 24 hours. I shivered and whined my way out the door on the way to work on Tuesday--45 degrees.

      I usually have a very mild case of Hawaii fever. I've been to Hawaii FIVE times and never been out of the airport! Very little exposure...

    3. I think Brent's comment is as funny as the original post! Well, not having been to Hawaii since I was 3 (love those Lab business trips), I can't say I ever have the "fever", but I can certainly attest to wanting to be somewhere other than the cold snow! I love the photos.

    4. I could handle going to Hawaii, for sure...one of the places I'd like to go before I kick the bucket. (along with Iceland, Australia, the Hebrides and the Greek Islands. I'm an island kinda girl...)
      so I think you should go. Cookie dough is a dangerous thing!

    5. I love the Hibiscus bloom. I could easily develop Hawaii fever. Many people here do ... I'd settle for anywhere where I could see the grass and not see my breath when I'm outside!

      I hope you get to Hawaii this year!!

    6. If Hawaii were a little closer I'd love to go....LOL

    7. If you are going to get anything, Hawaii Fever sounds like the sickness to get! I think I am coming down with some of the symptoms, myself!

    8. Beautiful hibiscus. That is my mom's favorite flower, and she plants them every year in our yard.

    9. Oh, what Beautiful photos!
      Sandra Evertson

    10. If you're going to have a fever, I think you picked a good one!


    11. Love the beautiful pictures. Hawaii Fever sounds like a good thing...but so does eating cookie dough. Linda

    12. Phew, am I glad I've never been exposed to it. This is a very dangerous illness. It's not contagious, is it? ;-)

      BTW I know all about those fogs you have, I spend a month with my auntie in Seaside (next door neighbour of Monterey)California years ago and will never forget all those fogs. We had one every morning, weird and a bit depression also.

    13. Hawaii Fever? You've got it, bad. It's non-curable. Sure glad I don't have it.

      That was until I checked your beautiful photos and saw the Turtle Bay Resort. Oh,yah! Now I have caught the fever. We stayed there for a week and had the time of our lives. What memories!

      Humm ... think I'll pop over to the travel section now.

    14. I love visiting your post. You always put a smile on my face:)
      You guys are so lucky to be able to have been to Hawaii! Bethany, Mum and I are planning on going to Mauritius and Hawaii one day...one day soon we hope!
      Mum and I have had Italian Fever for the past 18 months since we went to visit my friend...we still haven't fully recovered;) Hope you recover the easy way by actually going to Hawaii again, rather than having the photos in front of you but looking out and seeing grey days! From Meg and cats xxx

    15. Pink Portuguese RosesSunday, January 13, 2008

      I so understand your pain. I live in the Central Valley. We get all those wonderful warm sunny and then very HOT days. LOL! But we get some fog too! I've never been to Hawaii but some days...I would rather be there.

      I love your blog...I'll come back soon.


    16. Cindy, I like the Hawaii fever, oh boy I am having one now. We really been having grey and foggy days here, it really makes you sleepy. Love the photos, just few more months and we will have summer again. Thanks for sharing your post. Anna :)

    17. Dearest Cindy! Maybe I should not mention we are off to Maui for our anniversary in April....maybe I should just tell you to hug Lucy Maud for me and thank you for being such a sweet friend to me!
      Blessings always to you and those you hold dear...Miss Peach

    18. If this comment ends up being here a million times, it's because Blogger keeps telling me that my password is no good! So, I'm trying again...

      Hi! Thank you for visiting Yahweh's Retreat; please come back again. :-)

      So when do we all deoart for Hawaii? I'm ready when you are!


    19. I've never been to Hawaii. Around here, we get Florida fever. It's a little more doable. Anyplace where I can go barefoot without getting frostbite sounds good about now.

    20. Here in Australia we don't long for Australia. Instead, many of us with coldish winters long to head north to Queensland. Ahhh, a tropical island on teh Great Barrier Reef...


    21. I suffer from (undiagnosed) SAD as well and I had, until only recently, taken trips to sunnier locales every January. This month hasn't been as rainy as normal, so I'm enjoying the splashes of sunshine we're getting periodically. Beautiful!


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